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[WIP] Ironbraid Clan
While I'm working out my profile for the head of the Ironbraid Clan (Thidlynn), I wanted to post my ideas for the pertinent family members as well, to see who is interested in covering the roles. I would like to get these five cast before I start getting things rolling, but I'm open to start first and have them slowly roll in.

The Ironbraid Sisters

The sisters generally get along well with each other up until this point, due to the necessity of banding together to survive the harsh upbringing of their father. Whether the relationship stays the same or changes is up to the players (and hopefully outside influences). Below are the sisters' ages as well as major points about them.

-Reigna "Kangrid's Index" To be played by @Reigen (Mage) - 83 years old. Being the second oldest, her father still had high hopes to have a son, thinking that the next child would be so due to law of averages. She was groomed for marriage much the same as Thidlynn, and the two sisters would often pose as handmaidens for each other around suitors. While Thidlynn showed strong promise in politics, Reigna had an affinity for lore, especially for the history of magic. Her Dwarven accent is nearly as absent as her older sister.

-Ursla "Kangrid's Middle" (Hunter, Warrior, Shaman, or Rogue) - 72 years old, the wild child. When Ursla was born, her father started to become suspicious and resentful of the fact that he didn't have any sons. Putting his plans into motion to marry into other successful families, he largely ignored Ursla in order to focus preparation of his eldest daughters. As a result, she would go about unattended into the wild, her father keeping a keener eye on her eldest sister. She observed her father's men kidnapping Thidlynn's boar, but was found out and threatened by her father should she reveal the truth. She has never revealed what happened to her, or her knowledge of the kidnapping, to her sisters, and she harbors much guilt for this. She has the second strongest Dwarven accent of the sisters, though not as strong as Crysta's since she has been far less social.

-Crysta "Kangrid's Ring" (Open to any class) - 53 years old. Her father waited twice as long to try for a child again, hoping to "expend the weak seed". It's theorized that most of his bastard daughters were conceived in this time, his way of testing if he had successfully rid himself of the "curse". Despite not siring any illegitimate sons, he decided to try again, and Crysta was the result. This was also the turning point where her father went from strict and tough on his daughters to just about abusive. Crysta was fond of visiting the peasants of their land, especially the jewelcrafters, and she learned their trade. When her family hid to escape the Orc invasion, she had taken it hardest among her sisters. She has the strongest Dwarven accent of all her sisters.

-Modanna "Kangrid's Pinky" To be played by @MstrCorvus (Open to any class) - 32 years old, the baby of the bunch. While 32 is well above the physical maturity age, it would be nearing adulthood culturally, so the idea with her is that she'd still have some growing up to do. Her father would still have offered her to suitors, promising marriage when she came of age (40 is the approximate age for Dwarves). She would have been pampered heavily by her sisters as their father pushed her harder, seeing her as his last chance to get one of his daughters in with a rich family. She would also have little to no memory of her mother, as she would have only been 3 or 4 when her mother was thrown out. Her accent is flexible, meaning it can be as strong or weak as desired by the player.


In addition to the sisters, there is an opening to play the Master-At-Arms. He would have come on board not long before Kangrid murdered his father, and secretly would have helped cover it up. He was fiercely loyal to Kangrid, co-signing to even the most brutal and unforgiving of his orders. He had hoped that, without a son to be heir, Kangrid might marry one of his daughters to his long-time servant, which would make his progeny heir to the land. His continued service to the family is less due to loyalty to the daughters and more out of both fear of Thidlynn as well as hope that he might still find a way to marry in. To this end, it would not be uncommon for him to try and enlist anyone who serves as an informant to Thidlynn as his cohort with bribery.

Family Guards

There will be openings for new guards (Thidlynn can be very paranoid!), but this is moreso for anyone that wishes to be a guard that has been in service to the Ironbraids before her takeover. Anyone interested in this only needs to know that you would have been recruited by the Master-At-Arms or Kangrid, and would most likely be loyal to either of them. You would also very likely be male, though I'll make exceptions if the right characters come along!


Family Timeline
-270: Reigndig Ironbraid is born.
-230: Reigndig's wife forges an iron band for Reigndig's beard as a good luck charm, giving it to him as he heads into the War of the Three Hammers.
-225: Reigndig Ironbraid is saved by the iron band in his beard, at the cost of crippling his neck. He is awarded the title Thane and a small plot of land in Dun Morogh for his valiant service in the war.
-150: Kangrid Ironbraid is born.
-78: The family Master-At-Arms comes into service. He immediately bonds with Kangrid.
-80: Kangrid murders Reigndig and takes control of the clan. He focuses on mining and fur trading, and the family begins to amass wealth.
-64: Kangrid marries Wylma Snowhair.
-60: Thidlynn Ironbraid is born.
-53: Reigna Ironbraid is born.
-42: Ursla Ironbraid is born. Frustrated at having a third daughter and no sons, he fathers many bastard children over the next 19 years to "expel the weak seed".
-23: Crysta Ironbraid is born. More bastards are fathered as a result of yet another daughter birth, but not nearly as many as after Ursla. Kangrid instead devotes more time to using his daughters as pawns to join clans and gain political and economic power.
-20: Thidlynn befriends her boar companion, Barivlun I.
-10: Barivlun I is butchered by Kangrid and served to the clan, including Thidlynn, at a dinner gathering.
-2: Modanna IronBraid is born.
1: Kangrid divorces and casts out Wylma for bearing him no sons.
6: The family estate is overrun by Orcs. Most of the peasant population die when forced to stay and defend the land. The Ironbraid family, along with their guard, are safe in Ironforge during this time. The survivors of the massacre remain after the Ironbraids return out of fear of reprisals if they flee.
30: Kangrid is murdered by Thidlynn after she witnesses him cut the hand from a starving peasant who stole food. As eldest daughter, she takes over as head of the clan.


Jonoth's Self-Notes:

-Need to figure out location. Best bet at the moment is RP Locations (Alliance) > Alterac Valley. Very unfurnished, but the right land layout with different buildings that can be homes and halls.
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Youngest sister is taken! Still 3 sisters and a Master-At-Arms available, with plenty of additional roles being open by request. I'm always up for suggestions, so if you have an idea for a character to fit in the house's prior history, scream out loud at me.
Another sister down! Two more left! Get em while they're hot! Also, renamed this thread to match what the house should be called.
I am tempted by the master-at-arms, I suppose it has to be dwarf, right? :3
[Image: pj3isZU.gif]

[Image: 43883.png]
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It does. But dwarves are awesome!
Still looking for the other two sisters! Also, there is a clan timeline in the main thread as well as information for those who would like to have been guards already in the clan's service!
Two notes! We now have an official house thread with tons of consolidated info! and also, still looking for two more sisters, a man-at-arms, and any other long-standing clan members though I'll soon be commencing house roleplay regardless! If you are interested in any of the characters listed in the OP, PM me and I'll get right on it!

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