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Wai Hallo Thar! (Yes that was on purpose. >.<)
Well hello, Forums of the Conquest of the Horde Server! I do in fact love to RP, and do so often. However, as all of mine was on retail it might not be the same quality of you guys'.

Ok. Enough with that. Long introduction post time. I'll go through the questions on the sticky like a questionnaire, and then a longer one below it.

Yes, I have read all the rules on both the board and the wiki. And, I'll be totally honest. I don't have a problem with any of them. They're all well written and work well together, but there still might be a few conflicts with them from people. Maybe me, maybe not me. You just never know if one of those situations will pop up.

I didn't necessarily 'hear' about this, so to speak. Google is a wonderful tool when you're searching for private roleplaying world-of-warcraft servers. XD I think I did hear about Conquest of the Horde from a friend of mine on retail who roleplayed here for a bit, but I can't remember at the moment. Still, after reading some of the character profiles (which I intend on reading the rest of), I have to say that I'm sure I will enjoy it here. ^^

How did I get into RP... Wow. This dates back to the Starcraft days.

Back about... Five? Six years ago? Long before WoW, I was playing a game called Starcraft. Surely, you've all heard of it. For those of you that haven't, it's a futuristic Real-time Strategy from Blizzard that from which, melded with Diablo II in my opinion, sprouted Warcraft III, and eventually WoW. I digress. Back to Starcraft.

On Starcraft, these 'roleplaying' maps were created where named and unnamed units were spawned under a single unit called the 'spawner'. You could rename the units, give them special abilities, better damage, harder armor, etc., etc., and you roleplayed through the chat. It was fun, for a bit. Then I found Warcraft III, found that they had roleplaying maps as well and.. Kinda left Starcraft for dead.

Warcraft III was a much better quality of Roleplay than Starcraft, and it did me well for a while. Until I found forum roleplays. First one I joined was a Gaia roleplay for Kingdom hearts. That kept me entertained for the longest time. But, as all roleplays will in time, it died out. Between WoW and that roleplay, I found many other forum roleplays and game roleplays, and they were all fun.

Pretty close to WoW's release, I had begun to lose interest in roleplaying. Its release rekindled my love for roleplaying and I joined up on a roleplay realm immediately. Only to find that my best friend played on that realm as well, but didn't roleplay. Hehe.

And that's my roleplaying history in a nutshell. I could go longer, but I wanna keep the post short, but still be thorough. :P

How did I get into Warcraft? I think I already answered that one above, but I'll restate anyways. Roleplay and the idea of being able to in a similar universe as Warcraft III REALLY sparked my interest, and I joined up as soon as possible.
Ok. That was a short one. Time for a longer one.

Favorite race/class... Hm.
Dwarf Warrior.
No question.
Dwarves. Short, stout, stubby, heavy drinkers, lush-bearded and braided-haired, explorative, gem-obsessed people. I see nothing bad in that list. 'Nuff said.
Why a Warrior? Well, because a Warrior is the most versatile of the classes for roleplay, in my opinion. They can be any alignment, serve any occupation, and still be a well-written, well-played character. You don't need to have a Warrior villan, or a Warrior hero, or a Warrior support, backup, or ally. You could have any of the three. Or any two. Or all three! Mercenaries, guards, villans, heroes, extras, merchants, whatever. Not to sound childish, but put frankly:
Warriors are cool. :3

Hm. Interesting question.
The kind of character I like to play is the enigmatic mercenary who's given a job by whoever, and gets it done one way or another on his own terms, his own rules, and his own method. Then, when the job is complete, ventures off to somewhere else to keep a mysterious reputation in the area he just left.
Although this could probably be considered a Mary Sue or anything similar, it's what I like to play. I play it well, and would like to continue to do so here. Any objections? Post to the thread. I will be reading them ^_^

Favorite kind of RP...
Anything without drama. Srs-bsns. (Serious business)
Retail RP where I come from is, pardon the language, such bullshit and totally full of drama. I hate it. "She said this", "But because you said that", "I did not! I meant this!", "Well that makes me angrier!". Yeah. Not the kind of RP I want to be around. And that kind of situation pops up not just in character, but (believe it or not) in out-of-character as well. Maybe even more. I just wanna get away from that. Hope you don't mind if I use your realm as an escape for that. :P

Hobbies. Human tricks. Talents.
This is where the fun begins. >=)
Hobbies. I solve Rubik's Cubes. Often. My fastest time is about 29.6 seconds for the 3x3, and 43.7 seconds for the 4x4. Haven't salved a 5x5 yet but I'm working at it. I also write some poetry, play Magic the Gathering, and play Guitar Hero a lot. Rock Band 2 has become my favorite in that genre, though.
Human tricks. Try and fit your arm behind your head. Bicep and all. Pull your forearm below your chin and touch the same shoulder. Basically fitting your arm all the way around your head. Yeah. I can do that. :3
Talents. I have a real affinity for strategy and mind games. Interrogation, mediation, etc., are all fun to me. Challenges. Getting inside someone's head and exposing their inner self to better their life is fun for me. Strategy games are also good because they exercise your mind nicely.

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
North Carolina, USA. Gotta love this state. <3
English is my first language, yes, but I am moving on in German classes. Ich spreche Deutch! XD

And of course, the final question.
Yes, I have read all the rules on the forums, Wiki, and FAQ. :P

Cool. Now that THAT'S over with, we get into the nitty gritty. :3

Although it means little at this point, my name is Conor. I'm a 16 year old DUDE, born in Tennessee, USA, and currently living in North Carolina, USA. I love to roleplay, obviously, and I love meeting new people. My room's a constant wreck, but I like it that way. I raid on retail often as a DPS warrior, Delinaworkes - Argent Dawn. Look me up if you're ever in the neighborhood and maybe I'll make a new friend. ^^ This may or may not seem odd, sad, or anything of the sort to you, but I am happily taken by a wonderful, loving girl who currently resides in Salt-Lake City, Utah. The distance has been harsh on us, but we've managed to keep together for a whole 365 days, on December 25th, 2008. Thank you for the congrats I know are coming. XD I love to play Magic the Gathering, and play a White/Black Zombie rush deck. I play it well. Zoooooombies, om nom nom nom nom. Braaaaaains. XD I build decks in my spare time with what cards I have, and play with my real deck often with my friends. I game a lot, playing WoW, Combat Arms, Operation 7, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, Hellgate: London, Dawn of War: The Dark Crusade, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Starcraft, Warcraft III, Diablos I and II (and soon III), all the Red Alerts, Rise of Nations, and any Real-time Strategy game you can think of I used to play, but probably don't anymore. I've been trying to get back into them, but it's hard with all the other games I play. :P I have hair that looks like Ozzy Osbourne, and a matching face to boot. I'm just missing the glasses. XD I'm rude sometimes, though I don't mean it, and will always apologize and improve if it's pointed out. So don't be afraid to bluntly tell me I'm being mean or nasty in any way.

I think that's just about it...

Oh wait. One last little thing before I put down the closer.

The 'Character profiles' part of the forums.
In my own opinion, that section is for the profile of what your character looks like and how he/she acts. This is what I will post there. For me, it's not a place for character history and the such. However, I will also be developing background stories for my characters. So if you'd like to read them, then just ask and I will gladly give you the URL where that history is being written down.
Thankies. ^^

And now the closer:

ROLEPLAY FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope to see you all in game! (If I can get the game account creation link to work. >.<)
Hey, I used to play StarCraft too! But yeah, Warcraft 3 MRP's are a lot more advanced. Anywho, your 'game account' thing wont be valid until you're a peon.
[Image: Calvin_and_Hobbes_hug_by_Humongous_E.png]
Ohhhh. Ok. That makes a little more sense. Thankies. ^_^
Quote:Son, I am disappoint.

Quote:Can you quote that in LORE!?
Please don't hold conversations in your introduction and don't set up polls. Reading the recent news would probably help you a lot.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
I'm from NC, too. Small world, huh?

You'll also probably be expected to put History in the character profiles. Doesn't have to be very long or detailed if you got enough in the Personality section, but just some basic info to show you put thought in it.

Have you hugged an orc today?
- I am not tech support. Please do not contact me regarding technical issues. -

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