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Cristovao di Silvio stood atop the balcony of the house of Grenalin Coldwind that had been loaned to him in the city of Ironforge. He overlooked the Great Forge, watching the passing by of the denizens. Dwarf and gnome crowding the streets, going to shops, smithing in the center of the forge, bringing papers and charts to the Explorer's League. It was peaceful. Quiet. This is what he's wanted, right? Since the War in Outland, this is what he has always told himself he wanted... a chance and time to settle down and live life happily with Diwaata. He was denied this peace once before, when the Lich King awoke from his slumber and brought the Scourge down on the world, but that time has now passed. He had even contributed to the salvation of the world. He deserved a good rest.

Why do I feel like something is missing?, he thought to himself with a hefty sigh. He shifted his weight and leaned on the banister of the balcony with arms crossed.

I dunno... maybe I'm bored? But how can I be bored with peace? Is that not what we all strive for? Maybe there's something wrong with me... or maybe I just need a distraction. I should write a letter. Maybe several... I wonder what Matthew has been up to...

(to be continued...)
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
(at last, a continuation! Should Cristovao send you a letter IC, feel free to reply to it in this thread.)

Cristovao sat idly at the table for what could have very well been hours. He stared blankly at the fireplace as he tapped his quill against the hard stone, his scrawled with a list of names in a handwriting that was uncharacteristically messy for the poetic paladin.

"Let me see.... Matthew, Saronsen, Dalikan... Grenalin, Nexariel... I really don't know that many people", he thought aloud, turning his attention from the fireplace to a second pile of parchment. "Well, A few good friends are better than no friends at all, right?" he said to himself with a shrug and soon began to focus wholly on writing.

Quote:My Good Friend Matthew,

How are things in life treating you, Matthew? It's been a while since we've seen each other. Anything interesting happen in your life recently? Has Saronsen finally decided to settle down with someone? Or at least grow a beard? What about your friend, Valerie? Is she doing well? Did Hrodebert let her stay with Jami? I myself have just been sitting idly here in Ironforge. Actually, that's why I'm writing you.

Tell me, what do you think of going out into the world? Just, anywhere. Anyplace. We'll walk it out from the Dun Morough mountains to the Arathi highlands, if you want. I'll be honest, I've been feeling restless these past several weeks. Peace and harmony is what we strive for as paladins, is it not? Yet, this peace has me bored out of my skull. That's not to say I desire bloodshed and violence! I'm not a damn orc, and I've always disliked such things. I just... I need to get out. Go somewhere. Do something with someone.

So, what about you? You say you're getting too old for things, but think you have it in you for an adventure? Just something to get out of the cities and see the splendor of nature, I dunno. You can go home whenever you feel you've had enough, I'd just appreciate the company. Give it some thought and write me back.

Your Friend,

Quote:My Good Friend Saronsen,

It's been a while since we've last seen each other. How are things treating you? Is your mother doing well? Is Matthew still making an ass of himself to make sure she ignores him? What about your paladin work? Still helping the poor, clobbering the wicked, so on and such? If you've the time, I'd like you to consider a request from me.

What say you to an adventure? Just, any sort of adventure. I'll be honest, I've been a fool and let myself get idle and complacent here in Ironforge... it's what I thought I always wanted, but it's really anything but. I've become a damn sloth, but I shall remedy this. I'm thinking of heading out into the wilderness, just going anywhere the wind and road takes me. Maybe as short as the Loch, maybe as far as Dalaran crater, I don't know, nor do I care. I've just got to set out, and do -something-, Light help me. But, I would not like to do so alone, so would you care to join me? You can leave and return home at any time you so wish, if you decide to join with me, there's no strings attached. I'm just lonely and bored, and should I set out, would like the company of good friends with me. Give it a thought, and write to me your decision.

Your friend,
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
With Gregg leaving to find Epsilon, Matthew was left in the bar with his letters and early Winter’s Veil present. Most of it was junk; get-rich-quick schemes and placebo potions that were meant to make you stronger (among other things) from scammers in Kezan. Each week Matthew got those letters, and each week he threw them away, ripped them up, or tossed them in the fire. This week was different.

One letter from Talesta, which was already opened and contained a gift he was going to wrap (eventually). The other from Cristovao, which was a nice change.

“Probably knew I never got any letters from anyone, including my kid…s.” Matthew clicked his tongue and searched behind the bar counter for paper, quill, and ink. After ten minutes, and about to give up, the old man found what he needed in plain sight, which earned the goods an evil stare. He returned to his seat, about to write, and then realized that reading the letter first might be a good idea.

“…Boredom, Cristo? I would think having your woman around and willing to do anything with you would kill any traces of boredom.” He crumbles the letter up and tossed it with the junk from Kezan. “Still, an adventure doesn’t sound so bad. It would be nice to have the old gang together again.” Setting his blank parchment in front of him, he takes his time writing so his chicken scratch doesn’t show.

Quote:To Cristovao the Blueberry Lover,

Quiet is the best way to describe how things have been. I travel between Hrodebert’s and Stormwind, just trying to find conversation between the few people that still tolerate me on Azeroth (Gregg and Valerie). Saronsen is elusive, and I expect he just has a camp in Elwynn where he just… polishes his sword all day until bandits appear. Before your mind wanders, I mean his actual sword. The one he uses to stab people with. Also, Valerie is doing well. You should go to Hrodebert’s sometime and visit. Maybe even help me kill her pet lamb.

You know, I probably explored all that the Eastern Kingdoms has to offer that the only adventure would be if some orcs got uppity and tried to sneak attack us. Is uppity the word I’m looking for? I don’t know. But adventure. How long do you plan for your adventure to take? I would like to be around and alive to celebrate Winter’s Veil for once. I deserve that much at least, right?

So, yes, I’ll go on your adventure. Just avoid inviting any undesirables along. You should know what I mean.

Elf Hater,
Cristovao replies to the old war veteran soon after receiving the letter...

Quote:My good friend Matthew,

I don't know where or how long. Just... go do something Even if we just camp for a week over at Loch Modan and go home. I've got cabin fever, and just need to go and do whatever the wind takes me to do. Don't feel pressured to come, I just would like some friends to keep me company for a while.

Your friend,
Cristovao the Blueberry Lover

Soon after, he also writes a letter to a one Grenalin Coldwind...

Quote:Dear Master Coldwind,

It is me, Cristovao, the human you have loaned your home out to. I do not know when you shall return from your ventures, but I am writing you to give you my thanks and gratitude for allowing myself and Diwaata to reside in your Ironforge home. However, the time has come for us to move on, I feel. Cabin fever has gotten to my head, and I can not stand to sit idly indoors any longer. This peace I've so often wanted has turned out to be not what I need, as the old proverb usually proves. So, again, I give you this letter as a token of my thanks. Perhaps we may meet on the roads of Azeroth perchance someday. Stay in good health, and may the Light embrace your every step of life.

Cristovao di Silvio of Lordaeron
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
Grenalin Coldwind holds his hat over his head as the fearsome blizzard blows over the camp. "Brace yerselves, lads! We can make it through this!" He shouts out into the winds.

One of the servicemen of the camp runs up to Grenalin. "Sir! Ye've got yerself a letter!"

Grenalin Coldwind blinks. "A letter?! Well let me see the confounded thing!"

After dismissing the servicemen and ducking into a tent, Grenalin Coldwind begins reading the letter from Cristovao di Silvio of Lordaeron. After finishing, he scrambles through the crates of his office-tent, and removes from it a pen, paper, and an envelope. He sits himself on a chair in front of his desk and begins writing in a fine handwriting that can easily be read.

Quote:Dear Sir Silvio,

You need not thank me for loaning my home away to you. Simply enjoy your stay. I understand that you now have gotten cabin fever, it's a symptom to all of us adventurers, aye? No matter where you go or how long you stay away, the Coldwind home will always be open to you and Diwaata, and any whom you take under your name. It is my sincerest hope that we meet again in the future, and perhaps if you are so lusting for adventure, you could come up here to the North and help us excavate some Titanic knowledge. It's getting quite hectic just sitting in the camp. Either way you choose, I hope to hear from you again soon, and I sincerely hope you stay in good health. May the Light watch over you, and bless the very Silvio name.

Coldwind Expeditions Chief Explorer Grenalin Coldwind of Ironforge

He folds the paper up after letting it dry for a moment, and then slips it into the envelope, sealing it with the Coldwind seal, addressing it properly, and then standing to give it to the same mail-serviceman.

"Just another life gone off in a Blizzard..." He mutters as he exits the tent.
Saronsen scratches at his chin, furrowing his brows. "...Haven't kept up with it for a while.. Guess I'll keep it around to get Matthew off my case." He chuckles slightly, rubbing his hand over the beard that had grown out quite nicely. His armor is battered and beaten. He's given up on polishing it now. He bares a few new scars and marks. His hair hangs even lower now, past his neck and shoulders.

He slides his thumb under the lip of an old, unopened envelope, unfolding the letter inside. His eyes scan over the letter, his mouth curling into a frown. "..Damn. Sorry about that, Cristo." Setting the letter aside, he searches his bag for fresh parchment and writing materials. He stares at the parchment for a while, before beginning.

Quote:Hey, Matthew

It's been a while since I've hung out with you, and.. I don't think I've ever thought to write you a letter.

I'm still alive and well. I guess you could say I left on a 'quest' I had no idea how to complete. Perhaps I needed to clear my mind, or maybe I was tired of being inactive, and had to prove to myself that I was still worth something. Whatever it was, I should be returning to Stormwind shortly.

...As much as we've had our arguements, I've missed you a bit. I know I'm a bit late on this but, I hope you've had an enjoyable Winters Veil.

I haven't found a wife yet, nor given you any grand children, so I'm sorry to disappoint.

..But I have grown a beard.

I'll be seeing you soon.

Your son,

He folds the letter, setting it aside. "..Now one for Cristo."

He draws out another parchment, leaning down over it.

Quote:My good friend, Cristo

I'm sorry I never answered your letter. I was not around to receive it.

If that offer for.. adventure with the gang is still out there, I'll be happy to accept.

Who knows, maybe I'll find myself a wife travelling with you, and make Matthew happy, eh?

I'll be returning to Stormwind soon. Maybe we can have a drink when I get back?

Your friend,

He folds that letter as well, setting it aside. He stands, stepping to the door of his home, and walking just outside. "...It's good to be back."

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