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Warlock RP
I've just made a warlock, for RP.. Affliction warlock, but I would like to know some more about curses, how do they work, what kind of curses could you give someone for example.

This is what I was able to find so far on them.

Quote:Affliction Warlocks prefer torturing and taunting their targets with painful, effective Shadow spells, hexes and curses. While few see the difference between Warlocks, it is easy to believe that one smart enough to tell the difference between three types of Warlocks would find Affliction Warlocks the most dangerous and mistrustful. A Warlock whom focuses largely on Shadow Spells can also be known as a Shadowmage.

Another question, is a bloodoath, what I've also found.

Quote:Most of the time the demon will then offer to swear a Bloodoath. Mortal and Demon will mix blood, and set the terms of the contract. Demon is magically bound by this pact and cannot break it, but a mortal is capable of breaking it. If a mortal breaks Bloodoath, he is struck by a terrible curse and the demon is released from the Pact. Such released demon must either devour the soul of his summoner or find a new master until it has seen two full moons, or be banished back to hell. It is an established tactic of a demon to make a mortal swear something minor and unimportant during the pact in hopes that the mortal will forget about it and break the oath. For instance a demon can try to make the mortal swear never to talk to any woman named Charlotte.

Can things like that also be made with mortals?


...First of all, what are the sources of these excerpts? They reek of fan fiction to my nose.

Speaking of fan fiction, however...

(05-06-2013, 10:30 PM)hyenaskate Wrote: Affliction warlock, but I would like to know some more about curses, how do they work, what kind of curses could you give someone for example.

Any interpretation of how jinxes, banes, and drains interact is pure speculation on our parts. Creative improvisation defines our descriptions of how they visually manifest and the exact details of how they effect a victim's biology; we conjure fanciful explanations for the specifics that Blizzard has not the need nor the drive to explore.

If you're looking for any lore you can get your hands on, there is some, but it's from Mists of Pandaria and that expansion is all kinds of weird.

I can only recommend your own imagination, within the realistic limits, or maybe browsing the other warlock quests in the game.


As for...

(05-06-2013, 10:30 PM)hyenaskate Wrote: Another question, is a bloodoath, what I've also found.

I'm... sure you could concoct some semblance of argument for magically enforced contracts...

Still, I personally dislike the theoretical taste of such compulsion, and would remind that warlocks are best suited to manipulating creatures of magic (like demons, or elementals).
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Thanks for the Reply and the lore you shared, I'll quickly edit the sources.
These sources you list are from users, -not- from official Blizz resources. You seem to confuse it for a legitimate source when it comes to roleplay.

You'll want to use wowwiki when it comes to getting information on stuff like that, as I think you're over-complicating the rituals for summoning to a large degree.

Really, what a person needs to summon in WoW is a soul shard. They absorb the soul of something they killed, whether an animal or a person, and put it into the shard. That's the contract. For resources on why that contract isn't broken, look at the old pet quests for more details, they offer great insight as to how a warlock typically summons their pets and doesn't get murdered by them.
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