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Was introduced to a person...
There the boy stood. Surrounded by complete darkness. Like a great fog, the darkness encompassed the land. He wandered aimlessly through the darkness, searching for the light.. from what or where, he did not know.
The darkness was always there, never relenting, like a great river it swept the boy away. His sight was poor, always seeing lights where there were none... Always seeing sparks, hoping to find the flame that gave the light he sought so. But the light never came. Always finding melted candles where light had been extinguished and was now gone.. or finding flame that was possible but unable to light them for he had a fear of being burned alive.
And so he wandered, until one day a man approached him, asking for his help. The boy, agreeing to help the man followed in his wake, but soon the man disappeared into the darkness, and the boy was unable to locate him..
Then he saw it.. a bright light coming through the darkness.. but it was no light.. it was a person. The boy was frightened at first. Confused. The boy did not know how to approach this person. Was this the light he sought? The light he had been seeking his whole life? He wanted to be close to the person, to embrace the person, but was unable to speak to this person... So he followed this person whose light shown so brightly, praying that one day, this person would hear him, that this person would accept him with open arms, and an open heart.

Just curios as to what you guys think. Sorry for not being on for such a long while, but things have been a little crazy. This is something I came up with after meeting a certain person. :oops: Hope you like it... Any critique is welcome.

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