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Wayne [Human Rogue][WotLK pre-approved]
Player: dastmo

Character Full Name: Wayne Stone

Character In-Game Name: Wayne

Nickname(s): Stone, The Crow

Association(s): Brotherhood of Thieves

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Acrobatics, hand-to-hand combat

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Weight: 98kg

Height: 197cm

Usual Garments/Armor: Usually wears some plain clothes, that don't look too expensive, nor the clothes of a beggar. He tries to keep his looks as close to the middle class as he can at all times. On the right side of his belt, he has five throwing daggers, ready to be drawn. Almost at all times, he has a black bandana on his neck.

When working, he wears some leather armor and a mask. Always wears gloves, so his hands doesn't slip if they become sweaty.

Other: His torso and upper arms are covered with tattoos.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality:Wayne is hard to understand. He can be very passionate at times and very cold a moment later. He is resourceful and intelligent. He tries to keep himself as quiet and hidden as possible. Yet, when he feels that it's needed, he can pretend to be the most generous and happy fellow. He is a good actor and rarely feels anything when he works. Despite being a thief, though, he is also very honorable and loyal. He would never break a deal he's made, no matter what. He thinks that one's business must be run honestly, even if it's thievery.

History: Wayne was born in Stormwind in the year -2 in the family of common traders. He was still a child when the city was attacked and its inhabitants were forced to flee north. Yet, his parents didn't survive the attack. They were killed on the streets of the city, while trying to leave it. Somehow the small child survived this, though, and was found by a Stormwind soldier before he fled the city with the rest. Since the warrior was still young and incapable to take care of a baby, Wayne was given to a nice lady, who escaped Stormwind with her husband and their two kids. Once they reached Lordaeron, the boy was accepted as the family's son and given the name Wayne.

Wayne lived with the family for years, being the youngest of their children. Lordaeron was good enough for the kid and he loved his life there. He was getting some basic education by the local preachers, alongside his older siblings. As the kid grew, he became smarter and stronger. At the age of 10, he was already taller than most of his friends and he established himself as a leader of them of some sort. The kids often gathered to play or help with the work around town.

At the age of 13, though, everything changed for Wayne. One day his parents called him in the middle of the day in their small house. They had sent one of Wayne's friends to get him from the abbey, so the child was in a rush, after he received the message. He was worried that something bad has happened, but instead he found his parents, sitting in the house with warm smiles on their faces. After a long conversation, which made no sense at all, they finally looked to each other, obviously nervous, before telling the boy that he is not really their son. Wayne's world collapsed in a blink of an eye. He became dark and rarely smiled after this day. He continued to live with the family, but didn't talk much and avoided his friends. Day by day, the kid was closing himself to the world and when he was about 16 years old, he started visiting local taverns from time to time.

At the taverns, the child didn't find any good. He got messed up with the wrong company, started drinking, smoking and gambling. He also became a minor pickpocket and often didn't go home for the night. Soon, he stopped visiting his former family at all and slept in different taverns each night, stealing to survive. He went out only early in the morning, before everyone woke up, so he can do his daily theft and change taverns. Soon he grew stronger, smarter and more observant. The life in the taverns made him train his physique as well, not only his speed and mind. And it looked like he was born for this job, since at the age of 20, he was already known among other thugs to be one of the best young thieves in the city. He was given the nickname Stone, because his face never showed a trace of emotion.

Wayne left Lordaeron a little before the Plague hit. He just went south, to lurk in the rebuilt Stormwind and the surrounding Human lands. Though, he rarely showed up in the city. For the next few years he continued his career as a thief and a highway man around the remote Stormwind Kingdom lands.

Now, though, he is in the city for good, since he decided it's too hard to keep living in the forests on his own. He hired a small room in Old Town and lives there, as he goes out and does just enough thievery, so he can survive.

((Link to the wiki page: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Wayne ))
Hiya Dastmo!

Your profile looks good! There's just one thing I feel the need to question, though:

How exactly did his foster parents...break the news to him? His change afterwards seems so drastic; I mean, before he loved his life and his family, everything was woohoo awesome funtimes, but they say he isn't their biological son and he suddenly despises them? Did they start treating him differently, or...anything?

I'm just a bit confused. A bit of elaboration/explanation on that section would do my confuzzled brain good, if you don't mind!
This was actually raised as a question the first time I wrote this story as well. I'll use the same (not-so-good) excuse. :D
Different people with different psychics would take such news differently. He was told that his whole life was a lie. That's a big thing, when you're young. And his foster parents sort of lost control over him, which resulted in him sinking deeper into crime and sin.
Did anything change from this profile to the wiki profile? I ask this because he's not a rev-1 or rev-2 character so he's technically already approved, and I couldn't find any profile changes. If there are none then I will approve!

Initial approval!
Only his age. I added an extra year, because of the timeskip between WotLK and Cata.
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]

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