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Well at least the salts good.

The sun begins to rise. The first day of the sail begins, with that a man sits in the Crowsnest of a ship watching the sun rise. Birds fly around him, signs of a beautiful day of sailing. The man smiles, nothing can go wrong with that. As the light begins to rise from the horizon men begin to stir below deck, few calling for grub while the others start on their chores on the ship. The man looks down to watch the crew move, they didn't need his attention just yet. The man sighs looking at the sky "At least these drunks know how'ta function on ships..." The man chuckles has he picks up his lute that sits beside him starting to play a song to help the men wake up some. The air is now mixed with the smell of bacon and salt, the smell was almost refreshing to the Sailor. His mind falls back to the small conversation he had with the captian.

"You haven't sailed in forever Cap'n you sure you know which way we're goin'?"
"Ratchet is North right?...."

A chuckle is heard from the down on the deck as two men begin dancing the the music that they hear from the nest, the man smiles again but he turns to look at the sky once more, his smile slowly fades though the music stays upbeat his eyes fill with sadness. Memories of a girl haunt his past it takes him back to what started this life.

"You love me right?"
" Of course'a do Anna why wouldn' I?"
"No reason, I got you a gift!"
"A necklace? From your dad?
"He has accepted you Drak! I promise! He wants us together!"I really do love you.."
The man snaps away at the sound of a rock hitting the nest, as he looks down with a frown"At least the salt's good.."
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