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Well...once again.
I think I've really made something great here. It's another one of my novel ideas, and I seek some critique!

Setting: Krytus (planet). Year 14,321 (since civilization began)

Plot: A world has fallen to anarchy after destructive experiments with a powerful new element, Krytisium. The world has warped as product of tampering with the unknown. Creatures of the planet have mutated in to large, savage monsters, and the wildlife has evolved in to something deadly. With natural distasters occuring rapidly, and the earth itself shifting at an alarming, unnatural rate, the people of Krytus has split and military and government have lost all control. Now Bruce Xavier, ex-soldier and high ranking leader of a faction of pirates in the desert knows the key to the planet's survival...but can one man face the entire world, and save it?

So here's some explaination. Basically, Krytisium is this magical new element that mysteriously appeared on Krytus. This element has been known to magically repair machinery, heal any wound, disease, and allignment, it is the ultimate fuel replacement, and has also been known to ressurect the shortly departed. Scientists began to experiment with this element, which turned to some horrific results. The strange element was unlike anything ever seen before, and it was too late when they realized while testing, they were releasing a strange gas around the world, which spread at an alarming rate. The gas began to mutate the surrounding wildlife, and actually reproduce itself in the air, and before long...affected the tectonic plates themselves, causing them to increase in speed rapidly and produce terrible disasters.

With the world torn and civilization's cities crumbled, the military rebelled against it's very government for survival, and seperated. Five leaders made their own pirate factions, each with a common goal, to obtain Krytisium. Why? They each have a different belief of how it can be used.

The Desert pirates believe it can be used to restore the world, making use of it's healing capabilities.

The Snow Pirates believe it can fuel gigantic spaceships they are building to abandon the hopeless planet.

The Air Pirates believe it can be used as a defense, and a powerful weapon. They have little regard for the planet's well being.

The Jungle Pirates worship it like a religion, and believe that if they gather enough and put faith in to it, it will protect them from disaster.

Lastly, the Sea Pirates believe it can be used to maintain an underwater utopia, free of the poison air of the surface world, and the monsters who now dwell it.

Each faction has their faults, but one will prevail, which will it be?

I'm liking this idea, it's a futuristic sci-fi, but it also has magic, and the people use spells as well as technology in combat, almost like technomages.

EDIT: Also forgot to add, the setting of the story takes place 20 years after the testing of the element, the world is torn and in the current state Outlands is in pretty much.

Welp, I can't really give a critique. All I can say is that I really like the idea, and if a book was made about it I'd probably read it.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
I'm surprised that a gut with as many ideas as you publish them on the internet before writing them. Have you any idea how many ideas get stolen that way?
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Bah if it does it does. CotH is my friend, really have no one else to share them with. I'm not really looking for publishment till later in life.
If you say so. I just thought I'd at least throw a warning at you.
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