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What Inspires You?
So, I've been thinking a while and realized no character comes entirely from our own imaginations. Don't get me wrong! It's not a matter of originality or anyone stealing ideas or anything like that, but often times we need inspiration to get our best concepts going. A good idea is ignited from something, be it a song or a quote or a film or anything else. What inspired the myriad of characters that inhabit CotH?

Mine (Limited to who I have in-game right now and can actually place the inspiration for):

With a dash of, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delirium_(comics) that sort ofended up blowing out into what is now an elf hell-bent on doing what she percieves as the right thing in the face of, well... A crazy amount of bad stuff. She's sort of deviated from her initial elements, grown up and out and is now arguably my best or worst character depending on who you ask.

[Image: hero-asura.jpg]
I wanted to play a Goblin, but not a joke Goblin. Not someone who blows theirself up all the time or has cartoonishly sinister intentions for no good reason. I looked out at where I'd seen Goblins or their equivalent be played as more than joke characters, and ended up settling on the Asura from Guild Wars. From there it sort of expanded into my interest in Shamanism. The end result was Krishi, a science-minded Goblin Shaman who's still sort of trying to reconcile the logical and spiritual sides of herself.

So now I turn it to you guys: What inspired your characters?
As someone wise once said, the important thing is never to be fearless or confident. Most people have more than enough trouble with both. The trick is to fake it, because if you learn to fake it properly, it's the same thing as actually having confidence.
[Image: c4i6Zq5.png]
Frederich is a compilation of Alice from RE, Van Helsing, and John Constantine from the Hellblazer comic series. Guilty as charged. Though now he grew to his own thing, mixing attributes in various ways.
[Image: 8.jpg]
.. I'm down with posting on this. Seems like something that'll help me figure stuff out.

[Image: tumblr_m85rrr8n5i1rci86to1_1280.jpg]
Yeah, Krest is my samurai character. For basically ever, I've been a fan of samurai. How they fight, the many styles they posses. It's an obsession. So I made Krest, my personal namesake (Retail for over 8 years now), into a samurai like character. The rest of him? Happened all ICly. The guns, the enchantments, even the Dawn's Reach. All IC that made him who he is. But the basic inspiration for him? Samurai.

[Image: Orc_Blade_Master.jpg]
To be honest, Daichi was made because Krest couldn't be a Blademaster. Blademasters are something I just love. How they are is just amazing. So I made Daichi. But I couldn't stop there. Runts, something that are considered a sign of weakness, loved the idea. Lets face it, the supposed 'weakest' orc becomes a Blademaster. Couldn't resist it.

Well there it is, back to lurking.
I don't gain inspiration from other characters as much as I get it from music, actually.

It always starts with me listening to a song and a character randomly starts taking form in my head. I start working on the character to make it more defined an viable until it's done. Eventually I will forget what song it was that inspired it and only the character remains, so I can't really post references.

Sometimes it's also just a name. I hear a name and a character concept just shoots into my head.
[Image: 293D4BE4-7170-4C2A-B8BF-7EA572513EBD.jpg]
[Image: Lazuri65.png]
My inspiration usually comes from one of three things...

The first and most common of my inspirations is music. I'll be listening to a song and just think of a character, and build some kind of scene for them in my head. Whatever that scene is I can get a pretty good idea of what kind of character they are. I just look into -who- they really are at a later point.

The second would be pictures. I'll see some picture usually of a character and just think "I want a character like that." And then, I will think up a character that can be like them without becoming them all together.

The third is anime. I pick a personality and often tie it to the name of the character and make a character based off of that anime character. You can pretty much tell when I do this, like... Kanade, and Kaide... Though Kaide wasn't built off a personality of an anime character.

As my most recent, Martis is easiest to tell what drove me to make him. The first thing was just the whole idea of Lord Godfrey. His style, his class, even his race. Everything was so interesting to me about him. I just googled him one day and the first image that caught my eye pretty much decided it for me that I wanted to make a character based off of him.
[Image: 580godfrey.jpg]
How could one NOT want to have a character like that? Especially not too long later I was listening to a song that made me think of him... It was just the perfect setup for creating my desire to make Martis.

It all came together, and just recently more of a story was built for him. I didn't want to re-create Godfrey, I wanted to create my own Shadowgunner. Now if I could just get the outfit and the guns...

Kanade is the only other one really that I can even REMEMBER my inspiration for. I created her from Kanade Tachibana from the anime Angel Beats. It's my favorite anime and she is by far my most favorite character. Doing this gave her a name and personality.. I gave her white hair to match and beyond that, she is her own character completely made up from RPing her.

Kanade from Angel Beats though is more calm and quiet, while Kanade started to change into the more talkative ever-demanding of her husband elf that she is now. This is likely due to my molding her to be more like Tessa from Full Metal Panic, whom I believe also had a role in the personality, or at least voice of my original main character Aadora.

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