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What's Your Price?
[Image: pricebanner1_zps9ed093f5.png]
That was the first thing they asked me -- us -- all of us.

We had a bad feeling then. Light knows we should have acted on it and run. But no -- no, we stayed, and when we saw the...
man we would have to work for, it was too late. They have a way of pulling you in, with all that talk of adventure, all those promises of fame, all those marvels they say you'll see -- and the marvels they say they'll give to you. And then before you know it the sun is setting and you're tangled up in a web you can't get out of.

What is your price? That is the only thing they will ask you.

But it suffices.

[Image: priceoverview_zps753ad748.png]
What's Your Price? is a mini event project with a heavy emphasis on treasure hunting and all sorts of adventurous fun. The basic concept is simple -- a small number of player characters acting as rather well paid mercenaries for an ethereal, whom they aid in all sorts of strange antics. These little adventures are designed to encourage characters to interact with factions and creatures they normally wouldn't encounter, take them to places they normally wouldn't go and place them in otherwise unusual situations; the participants may find themselves doing just about anything, from unearthing old relics to mending the damage done by a malfunctioning sparkly nether stick, from stealing elven artefacts to exploring Outland space -- all for the promise of a very much alluring reward.

And there will indeed be rewards. At the end of each event, the characters will be remunerated for their efforts both in coin and something more unusual. As for what these rewards actually are -- well, anything is possible when your boss is an ethereal. Participating players are welcome to suggest their own reward ideas, and while I cannot promise to use all of them, I will certainly try.

Story-wise, What's Your Price? is minimalist. For all intents and purposes, it is simply a series of different one-shot mini events -- each of them will have its own little story, and although some of them may or may not get follow-ups, your characters will not be bound to any kind of story arc. What's Your Price? is, at the moment, just a very light and hopefully entertaining way to take your characters out into that vast wilderness and do something unusual.

[Image: pricejoining_zps89732635.png]
How your character heard about this is entirely up to you -- it could be anything from a poster to a personal invitation, assuming your character has at least some sort of reputation as an adventurer. Then it is just a matter of contacting the employer and going where he tells you to go.

Although these events will be scheduled in advance, they are far too small and insignificant for me to use sign-ups, and that makes joining really simple -- just whisper me in-game when I start advertising and handing out invites. This will usually be about half an hour before the start of the event.

There are no restrictions as to who can join. The employer himself does not belong to any faction, and he will hire anyone as long as they agree to remain neutral while working for him.

[Image: priceadventure_zpse6875523.png]
Event 1: Seven Chimes Elsewhere
Time and Date: TBA
Location: Feralas
Premise: A number of adventurers have been hired by a mysterious employer they have not seen to help him with what was described as an excavation project. It seemed simple enough at first, but then strict warnings against using magic at the site were issued, and with them came the question of what exactly they're expected to unearth. Whisked away to a strange jungle, the group now await orders from their employer, but if the local night elves are to be believed, they aren't the only strangers in that part of the woods. And that is hardly surprising -- in a place as old as this, there are bound to be things many people want to dig up.
Description: TBA

More coming soon.
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Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
Updated. More info coming soon!

Edit: It seems a chunk of the overview got lost when I was trying to transfer it to the forums. It's been fixed now.
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