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When life gives you lemons... Make a blind ninja prophet.
Quote:Being a raunchy drunk dude sounds quite fun, though. Running around showing old ladies your weasel.
When life gives you lemons... Just find someone who's life gave them vodka.
Also, I like to think of mine as more of an epic Chinese-style snake-dragon of Doom than a 'weasel'.

I was just going to write that, but I guess to not be a total semi-off-topic dick, I'll state that I definitely like where you were going with the unfortunate blind demon-hunter idea, Kaghuros. That is seriously gold. And good job thinking of that before I did, jerk! >.<
I've always respected you kagh, and we had our ups, downs, and luls, but to be TOTALLY COMPLETELY HONEST.

I am dissapoint.

I still love you, though.
Crippled war veteran with dementia.
Little by little, one travels far.
I dunno, personally for me I find it hard to RP with major disabilities like blindness, mute, deaf, etc.

I'd actually really love to see a character duo or even just one of them mirroring the Banokles and Kalliades pair from David Gemmell's Troy.

Also, I can't really see you playing a gnome, I think you should try for a dwarf, though I am bias. :P But don't try to play a race/class/personality that doesn't interest you greatly. Eventually it'll either be ditched or modified to fit what you want.
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Tomb Guardian. WoW needs more tombs to raid.

Or you can go with an ugly man with a hot wife who takes her for granted. That always garners TV Shows.
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Main Characters:
Riggs Ravenhook - Swarmy Old Goblin Thief and Corporate Nuisance
Gorudo Goldforge - Goldforge Clan Remnant and Ranger
Turic Carsten - Stormwind Regular


Your new best friend.
[Image: wMRLoCF.gif]
Fatguy, who is funny, and does funny things.

As a bonus, you could have him be secretly depressed and loathsome of people around him.

Edit: Fatguy speakin' here IRL, so don't go all "OH THATS MEAN" to meh please. >.<
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


If I ever do make a joke character, I've decided I'll do a recursion. He'll RP enjoying tabletop roleplaying games.

Anyway, I've started thinking about a "Nice But Gruff Cop" for some kind of marshal or sheriff who deals with criminals in the Human kingdom. As well I'm working on the "Wise Old..." archetype for a blind Night Elf Druid. Now I'll see which I like more when I try to write them from 2D tropes into 3D characters.
A sword wielding white robe wearing Disciplined character who's only loyalty is with his sword and own moral compass who's trying to find a goal in this life? Or.. something else.

No clue, either way.. good luck :)
Quote:Perhaps one day, at a new sight,
We will search again for that light.
Hold it close, between our arms,
Listen again, to the priestess her charms.
- Me, in a poetry named "The Priestess."

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