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Where Are You Now?
I wanted everyone to know that I am actually doing great, in real life I am a certified audio engineer and artist and repetoire and I am helping artists get their material onto the billboards and such. As for roleplay, I am also a project manager/head administrator on a heavy roleplay Fallout server for a game called SS13, and I would be more than happy to have you here to roleplay with us. Conquest of the Horde has been foundational for my experience as a roleplayer, I honestly can say that without this place I wouldn't be as good as I am today, and I thank everyone who was part of this project, no matter what level, for making the experience as awesome as it was. Below is a link to the discord for my roleplaying server, you're invited to join us, create characters, and adventure to your hearts content. Feel free to reach out to me, my discord name is Marrone#2831. Also I've obviously changed a lot for the better, so really, don't be a stranger! <3

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