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Where do you see your character in x years?
What it says on the name.

For Bella, 20... dealing with 3 painful children and probably without a Drakeran. He died in an arcane/goblin/Mexican drug cartel related death.
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  • PhilGobatto
Hmm, is it okay to do two possibilities? There, I asked permission just in case the record calls for such a thing.

I'm gonna go with about 10 years for all of them with the two possible outcomes to their lives that I foresee. I'm not too sure on the timeline of how far int he future Pandaria is, but I believe that it is less than 10 years from the current CotH time yes? So some of these are just what I know now. For all I know Stormwind could explode, or the Forsaken could get obliterated by the new Horde.

Ance - Dead due to being a holy zealot, and angering the wrong people.
Ance 2 - Reunited with her sister who turned out to be alive and gave up her zealot ways.

Martis - Fighting for the Forsaken against any and all who would oppose the Dark Lady!
Martis 2 - Reunited with his family, living a forbidden life with a mix of undead and living.

Casey - Living in Stormwind as some form of a noble as she always dreamed of.
Casey 2 - Reunited with her family as stated in Martis' second possibility.

Maulaina - Living with her husband and a mother of two, far away from the wars.
Maulaina 2 - Reunited with her sister who was thought to have died in the Scourge invasion. Could mix with the first one.

I seem to follow the "Thought x person was dead only to be later reunited with them" a lot. Even Aadora thought her mate was dead only to be later reunited. I need to think up a new plot for a character sometime... just... not now.
It's an interesting train of thought to be honest. For most of my characters it depends on exactly what will happen during the future RP but I can give it a try.
  • Riael - It's reallyt the end of a server-parallel story, but in a few years but he'd be dead before the death of Deathwing. Slain by a blue dragon.
  • Telah - In time the anchorite would retreat or venture on a personal pilgrimage, still doing what is expected from him as an anchorite but avoiding bigger settlements or gathering. The events regarding his daughter and the void left by Nexariel would consume and wiegh him down too much in the end.
  • Uyendu - Oh, he'd be around and very central in the events of Mists of Pandaria. SPOILERS!
  • Blackbrute - Ukho is probably the wild card that can end up anywhere. I can see him become a guardian of Hyjal until his death, or a guardian of the furbolgs. Assuming he will become a plagueshifter, he might wander off and cleanse the taint of the Scourge until he comes across a disease he cannot endure or die at the hands of an undead servant. He might also not ever be freed from his enslavement and meet the end of days as a slave in the arena, being the cause of a greedy goblin loosing a few gold coins.
  • Bokuru - He will become a renown big game and bounty hunter that joins the Zandalari-rebellion, fighting for troll supremacy. If he survives that, he is most likely killed by a vengeful spirit for failing to protect the trollkind's future.
  • Terauk - There's two options; either he becomes a "stay-at-home" father to some busy, powerful and dominant female or he becomes a warden and devotes his life to cleaning up Felwood, Desolace and so on. Might even take it upon himself to secretly kill highbornes.
  • Causticity - Most likely met his death in one of various ways; alchemical accident, fel-overdose, backstabbed by the wife or a sibling, possessed by a demon or otherwise eviscerated by one. It's safe to say that he never discovered the true Philosopher's Stone, or if he did it was a secret he took to the grave.
  • Gildur - The proud second-in-command of the Deephollow Clan, acting as the primary advisor to his older brother. Unless the is swallowed by the mystical darkness inside Grim Batol.
  • Beless - High Priestess of the Eternal Sun and one of the few blessed to have been visited by a "natural" phoenix. She would serve as a ruthless icon for all aspiring sin'dorei priests but also to all urchins, vagrant and homeless - one can overcome being of bad blood. Holds a seat in the Council of Silvermoon and represents both the faith and in secret the agenda of the Novalight bloodline.
  • Kazraghash - A respected elder pyremaster that fights to offer the almost forgotten art to all orcish clans, but also a high-ranking of a dragon cult. Though he possibly died during the events of the Cataclysm and it would have been said he willing walked into the maw of a black dragon.
  • Skirrow - Executed. For sure. One is not allowed to live long as an inquisitor of the Church of the Holy Light, there comes a time when one has seen too much and is a liability if left alive.

I can't really speak in terms of years sadly, but nothing would span over 20 years from now. Most events are certain to happen in the coming five years.
(02-24-2012, 10:15 AM)Piroska Wrote: Conspiracy. That's all it is; Kret's afraid that your pure, digital awesomeness would crash the server if it were allowed.
(06-14-2013, 05:42 PM)McKnighter Wrote: Bovel, Lord of Beards

Character About Involvement
Causticity Blackbreath Goblin Alchemist -
Telaah Draenei Anchorite Writings of an Anchorite

[Image: kiXJxhI.gif]
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  • ImagenAshyun
In 10-20 years from now, I see my chars in the following situations:

Wayne - Doing what he does best, just a higher level. He'll probably be a leader of a crime ring. Thefts, burglaries, smuggling, etc, etc. Or, in the Stockades for life. He's wanted right now anyway.

Grogger - In some of the Goblin towns, running a small arena and making money off bets. Or maybe a manager of a massive Ogre, winning fight after fight on someone else's arena.

Hebry - Dead. It's inevitable. He's a moron, he angers a lot of people and sin is not a word, which can be found in his dictionary. With his questionable morality, wild lifestyle and thirst for adventure, he'll be dead in 20 years.
Alywien - In 925798123757450 Years - Immortal, cursed, tormented, but a powerful

Doyle - 6-8 years - Teaching his son to read.

Fred - x years - Dead. Someone's GOTTA get him EVENTUALLY. I mean come on.

...JK, Fred - 5 years - Retired, married, has -new- kids. Maybe. Maybe not. WHO KNOWS.
[Image: 8.jpg]
In ten years...

Vynthia - Dead. She's too power hungry, she's too arrogant and even with her position as Magistrix, she's going to piss someone off.
Velennia - Alive and kicking, with a husband and a child.
Velrinna - Still alive! Happily married.
Iriaina - Dead. Too adventrous, she's definitely going to wander into someplace she shouldn't have.
Active Characters:
Velennia - Anchorite. Has a strange liking for tea.
Vynthia Blackfire - Magistrix. Craves sightseeing.
Vanessa Briarthorn - Seemingly timid housewife. Enjoys painting.

NOOOO Longer relevant. New post incoming.
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  • Holynexus, ImagenAshyun
Zeein - 1000 years- Still living happily with Cryna, complaining about getting old while his kids live their lives. And helping Leron out with Silverfang stuff.

Balverine - 20 years - Dead. Due to all the strain he's put on his body, it's likely his would give out at a fairly early point for a human, that is assuming he keeps the same pace he's at now.

Zalyen - 1000 years - Heir to the Eranu'belore family, happy with his wife and spoiling their one future child.

Or the second option where he's thrown into the shadow plane and never returns. (He obviously lost a children's card game)

Thun'tuk - 5 years - Probably fighting for the Horde still, managing to connect with all the elements but still not mastering them yet. If he doesn't die in GLORIOUS BATTLE as Reigen said, he and Emra would of probably had a kid.

Lucian - 20 years - Probably dead, his pride and willingness to sacrifice himself for his comrades being the death of him.

Or the optional where he becomes a Dread Commander and gets his own company of the Ebon Blade.
[Image: nFHwPlil.jpg]
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  • ImagenAshyun, CappnRob
Ergh..let's see for my most important characters >_>

Drena might in 20 years be either imprisoned for her crimes or still sailing on her ship. At this point, nothing can tell.

Breya in 20 years may serve whatever war is going on, or fall into the shadows.

Lindsey should carry on a happy commoner's life, unless she gets killed in one of her countless expeditions.

Kreeva should in 500 years carry on helping in Draenor, perhaps leading a big settlement even. However, she has grief and a mourning habit that just won't die off.

Emma may end up poor as hell given most of her stuff was in the cleverly located Park District. She might actually manage to rise from nothing again, though.

Liliaena will carry on her courier business. In 100 years she'll be fat, loveless, and rich.

Melina ...can't really tell what's to happen to her. She may rise and destroy anything that stands between her and her (noble) goals and end up a battle-thirsty warrior of ...virtue? She might as well make peace with herself and live on simply ever after, with the occasional Hungering on some criminal. Or, there's another possibility; she may rejoin Black Harvest and work - while it's not Black Harvest' true goal, but hers - to have undead and living people live closer together, which in 100 years may or may not work. But because Melina is so twisted, there's no telling when she will be doing what. :/

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
Doran- Option 1. 100 years from now he practically becomes Alorel. After giving up on trying to win Keyus's affection and having lost so many others, he settles down in Silvermoon alone and becomes an entertainer. He also opens an operates a high-class fabric and clothing shop.

Option 2. He hides himself off somewhere, having lost his mind in an unending fit of rage. Chances are he died at his own hand. No one would know where he went or what happened.

Leron- Option 1. 100 years from now, Leron would still be working out of his theatre. He would spend his time with his family and forcing them to perform teaching them about theater.

Option 2. A horrible theatre accident ended his life. Who would think that chandelier would come crashing down?

Aendron- 100 years from now he would have left to spend his time in the Shadow Plane. What happened, no one knows.
[Image: KceuhuX.gif][Image: eKcKrrq.png]
I am tech support

[4:16:27 PM] Cristovao di Silvio ( @CappnRob): theres the bar. then theres the bottom of the barrel, then theres you sachi
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  • Holynexus
Annabelle - Happily settled with a large family. Her engineering is more or less consultation.

Orvisha - While not an engineer or businesswoman herself, she would be working with Corlmitz on some line of mechanical doings that are good for the environment, with fair business practices.

Odetta - Still looking for that cure.

Roux - Happily settled with a large family, likely picking up Elune reverence.

Nuadon - Twenty years isn't but a speck to a night elf, especially considering they get their immortality back. Hm. Still learning arcane, perhaps helping others learn, though she isn't ready to be a full teacher. Still with Anthrion, helping with his Warden duties in this strange new Azeroth.

Ithildess - Again, twenty years is a small time. Further on the road to true priesthood. Likely still with Krian.

Maegwyna - Trolling about Acherus, juggling skulls. Hiding away in her vault of shadows.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
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  • ImagenAshyun
Faelara - Living in a huge house with many, many rooms for all of the children she'll have. (Never know if she'll stop...) Still friends with Doran, nothing seems to keep them from being friends anyways.

Niamh - Living with Dunlain, possibly with a child or two.

Wick - Still traveling with Richard and Chester, fighting against brainrot.

Rylei - Working together with Lucian, no plans on leaving.

Anissia - Never leaving Yancy, and many adventures come from that.
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  • JTJP770
Man, I don't even know where I see MYSELF in ten years, lol.
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


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  • Wuvvums, Holynexus, Rini
Jonoth - Still sailing Azeroth on the Bloodpaw. What may change is the Bloodpaw ship itself, becoming possibly an airship. He also finally meets his grandfather, Rhodyngar, who joins him on his journeys.

Remyl - Still hitting on your wife...or daughter. If he dies, its with an ale in one hand and a prostitute in the other.

Bruhara - Having subtlely influenced and manipulated powerful allies to her side, she makes her gambit to bring hell on earth, with her being the devil. With the aid of her succubus, scorned by her lack of attention, the heroes of Azeroth manage to thwart her plans, and she is shackled for eternity at the bottom of the same lake she first died in.

Dibykali - Diby's dual spirituality converges, becoming a witch doctor/spirit champion. Samsonus, who passes some time before, is one of the spirits that guides and protects her. Her mother Kela'rin, also passed and continues to guide her as a spirit.

Tun'kar - Three words: Warchief Tun'kar Skullkeeper. Tun'kar's hate for humanity lingers, but his love for his people and the guidance of several close allies (including Caravan and Mugorim, who sits on Tun'kar's council), Tun'kar is able to recycle his hate as a desire to improve the quality of life for the Horde, or in his words, "Make Orcs have better things than stupid puny humans."

Penandion - Dead. Most likely suicide after the fel energies begin to take greater effect on his appearance and psyche.

Haiko - After seeing much bloodshed in battle, Haiko becomes a hermit in the mountains of Dun Morogh. Some warriors brave visiting him, and those who prove both their bravery and integrity earn his teaching.

Sasslyn - Jailed in the Stockades after the law finally catches up to her.

Sister Gabrielle - Retires from being a soldier to become a full-time cleric.

Yancy - Still married to Anissia, still enjoying the adventure of life together.

Dunkhaan - Gives up the calling of Shaman to become a full time husband and father. Never stops travelling, though he no longer does so alone. He'll still lend an axe to a good cause. Still hears the spirits, but more likely to pass the message on to the Earthen Ring.

Kerana - Still in business making armor, with a newborn daughter she hopes to pass on the family business.
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  • Erynn, Rini
Varjot: In a drunken stupor in Booty Bay.

Reno: DEAD. :|

Clovis: Praying for Blizzard to finally make a canon cure to undeath.
[Image: yEKW9gB.png]
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