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Wice Halrik [Shadow Knight]
Player: Kage

Character Full Name: Wice Halrik

Character In-Game Name: Wice


Association(s): The Horde, The Forsaken, The Cult of Forgotten Shadow, Formerly the Knights of the Silver Hand

Race: Undead

Class: Shadow Knight (Warrior ICly)

Skills and Abilities: Much of Wise's abilities as a warrior stem from the Shadow. Attacks such as Mortal Strike are empowered by shadow magic to reduce the effectiveness of healing to who ever is struck. His attacks take from his own vitality, but strengthen his attacks.

Age: 36 before death. 46 now.

Sex: Male

Hair: Parted long, black.

Eyes: Empty black holes.

Scale/Height: 1

Appearance: Wice wears all black plate armor from head to toe. He's not the largest or the smallest of his kind, but he carries about him an air of authority. He carries a hand and a half sword on his hip, his only weapon.

Personality: Wice is a very vocal person, despite his training as a former paladin and knight. At times he can be brash, arrogant, rude, and even disrespectful at times. But what he does he does trying to help others. Help make them better in his own way. Does it work? Time will tell.

History: Wice was born into the simple life as a farmer's son in Stormgard. He grew as an only child, and he grew fast. With the constant threat of dinosaurs and trolls, the boy had to learn how to fight at a young age and learn how to farm around the threats. It was a hard upbringing, but it was worth it in the end. He not only learned how to farm, but also how to wield a blade.

As soon as he was able to, he joined the Stormgard army, and there his skills with a blade only grew more so. He was trained in many differing arms, and each he used against the trolls that attacked his people. It was in these battles that Wice showed promise, and he was made a knight.

He trained long and hard for the title, and though it was tough, he made it through. Wice became a knight of the Stormgard army. He continued his fighting against the trolls, now leading smaller groups into battle. But not everything was war with Wice. Years after becoming a knight he fell in love and married a priest. Together they had two children, and he trained them both on how to wield a blade as soon as they were able.

The first war had no effect on the people of Stormgard, but it was during the Second that Wice was called into action. But he wasn't called to the front lines. Instead he was trained as a paladin. He welcomed the training whole-heartedly. His wife was a priest of the light, and now he would become a warrior of the same.

The vows were something he was accustomed to, as a knight he had many in the first place. It wasn't long until he learned how to use the light as a weapon and a shield, eventually forsaking his actual shield in the process. Once his training was complete, he headed to fight the orcs on the front lines. Their ferocity will forever haunt the man, but he fought back bravely, helping the others to force the orcs into an eventual surrender.

Though many of his people left when the orcs weren't slain, Wice remained. Eventually he brought his wife and family down to live with him in Statholme, where the Paladins were first created. There he lived well with his family and in peace for many years until the undead attacked.

Once the rumors of the undead reached Wice, he left Statholme to join and fight once again. Fighting against the was far easier then against the undead. They were once living people, and it started to eat away at his morale. He eventually came to the conclusion he was helping the corpses by purging them with light, setting them free.

But such a thought was not to last. He left to return to Statholme, but not before coming across those tainted by the undead plauge. He watched them die and then turn, attacking his fellow soldiers. Civilians who just because they ate the wrong wheat became undead monsters. And once he returned to Statholme, it was clear it was the same.

Wice watched as he and his brothers and sisters in arms killed civilian after civilian. They had no choice. If they left them be they turned and killed more, and then they would turn. It wasn't long until he had to fight his own brothers and sisters, purging them with tears staining his face. Then, he saw his wife. His children. They walked towards him, but something was wrong with how they stepped. And the other undead seem to ignore them.

The paladin dropped his blade at that point and dropped to his knees. His spirit was broken, and even as his family started to rip him apart, he felt nothing. He died in Statholme at the hands of those he loved most.

Wice awoke. Even after all that had happened, he woke up. Undead. But he held no hatred towards it. He was one who awoke in the city of Brill, regaining his mind. He learned that he was once a servant of demons, fighting the living and killing what he could as nothing more then a ghoul. But here he was now, 'alive' and feeling empty.

He battled an extreme depression for the first years as a Forsaken. As a man once trained in the light he saw himself nothing but an abomination, something that needed to be purged. But the teachings of the Cult of Forgotten Shadow showed him something new. Something he could get behind. Balance.

Every light cast a shadow. He was once a man of the light, but now he was a creature of shadow, and over time he welcomed it. He trained himself to use the shadow, and with his training as a Knight and a Paladin, he was able to pair the shadow with his blade skills.

He remained in the Glade as the war against the Lich King raged on. He had no desire to fight more undead, but learn more about the balance. He spent countless hours a day in the library, reading all he could for years on end, never stepping out to fight or help. But he did not remain as such for long.

The shattering brought him out of this shell of his. He stepped back into the world as a Shadow Knight, having trained endlessly and studied for the sake of upholding the balance. He seeks a cause to fight for once again, and in this new world perhaps he shall find it.
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  • CappnRob
Everything looks pretty concrete, though the personality section is a bit bare, IMO. Being one who fought so strongly against the trolls and eventually the Horde, how has he taken to being allies-of-convenience with them now?

Also, his powers over the Shadow.. There are different types of Shadow magic and I'm not entirely sure which he uses and how he even came to master such magic. What I mean is that Priest magic is different than a Paladin's. Paladins get it from the Light itself(or the Naaru, I guess?) where as Priest magic(both Light and Shadow from what I've gathered) is more will-related. Requiring a strong will and intense dedication to use. And Shadow is either Arcane Shadow(Shadowmage, Warlock, etc, yes?) or what the Priests use which is not classified as Arcane(Though I don't want to say 'divine', because I think that's a d20 thing).

Clarification prz?
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Liking the Shadow Knight idea, Kage. Good work!


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