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Wills End Official
You look out onto the battlefield. You believe yourself to have the advantage. You see the two sides, ready to charge. One side, clouded in darkness, the other, glimmering in light. Your duty is to attack the enemy side from the side. They do not know you are there, it is the perfect plan.

At least... it would be. But around the valley, are many other groups, with the very same plan as you, varying on which side they plan to attack. They are as aware of you as you are of them. A horn sounds, you charge with your brethren. The ground shakes as thousands of men and women charge towards the center of th battlefield.

Hours pass, and soon, not but a small handful stands. Breathing hard, looking over the dead, you amongst them raise your weapons to the air and scream, you are victorious!

The sky grows dark. A terrible buzzing sound fills the air. You clasp your hands over your ears screaming, dropping your weapons. Your small group huddles together, peering around searching for the sounds source. The sky grows ever darker, and thunder and lightning wage their own war in the sky. Rain pours onto your armor, clinking off. The sound then stops, you uncover your ears and peer around.

Red eyes can be seen all around you. They are watching. Everywhere, you hear whispers. It is so dark now, all you can see is the eyes, your group, and the bodies around you. They seem to be moving closer. Your group huddles ever closer, weapons at the ready. The eyes grow into figures covered in dark armor, carrying dark blades. They lurch forward, and everyone around you begins to fall. Your head begins to buzz, you can't focus. You swing your weapon at the enemy, but can't hit them. It is like they are not even there. Then, you stop.

You look around, everyone dieing. You peer down at your chest, a blade run through it, blood dripping down. You fall to your knees, as a plated boot kicks you in the back, pulling the blade out. You take one more look around, it is blurry, but you see it. Everyone is dead, the figures are leaving. That is all there is, death, and they leave. You look up, lightning strikes in the sky. You fall to the ground, everything goes dark. Your very will to fight, has left you.

There is war coming to Conquest of the Horde. It is not hidden. Groups side with each other, against each other. But, what is the reason? Is this truly a good vs. evil war? Is that really all there is too it? You must fight so that you can rule, or save the world? No, it is never that simple.

In the center of all of it, sits the Wills End. They watch, grinning as you kill your brothers. Then, when you are most weak, once you have given them a good show, when they are done with you, they end you.

They watch what they create. They do what they can to make you believe that that other group is the very evil that you MUST destroy. They cause you to believe you are just in what you do. They make you think, that you are protecting the world, or that in fighting, you will rule it. But in truth, they are using you, to kill yourself off.

They watch, from the darkness, until you are weak. They watch, as you kill your own. They are the evil, they are the darkness. And they watch you, until your very will to fight, is all you have left... and then... they take that form you too.

Wills End is a cultist guild, based around all the fighting that is currently going on. Not just the Horde vs. Alliance, but guilds such as the Purge, and all who would side/fight with them. Wills end watches, and when the time comes, finishes the job on the winning side. They make sure no battle is won, and that both sides will lose.

They worship an old god, whos name will not be released yet. He "Speaks to them" And tells them his will. And thus, they want the end of the world to come, for that is what their master wants.

Requirements are very strict, and very, very racist.

new Requirements include:

Wear Set Uniform of the cult.

Yep, that is it.

So yes, you no longer need to be a human female Warrior/Deathknight at 1.1 scale, but you will still have to wear the cults uniform. So this is a good guild for alts or just making a new character specifically for it. We accept anyone that meets the requirement, as long as you are evil that is.

No one is to see your faces. If you wish to go out in normal life, you are not to wear a single piece of your cult armor.

More rules and laws will be put in place IC. If interested message Waiyaneta or Johalea in-game. One of them will respond, sometime.

This is the official Thread for the guild. No discussion here. This is information on the guild, not for you to point out problems you have or see with the post.

If you wish to join, whisper any of my characters that you see online, or even send in-game mail to One of the following:


If you do not see any of the above online, ask for Waiyaneta in chat, and I will try and respond, or simply send me an in-game mail and i will respond as soon as I am on. Best to send mail to Waiyaneta.

If you do happen to have/see a problem send it to me in a PM.

Thank you.

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