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WoW Armory
It's an app that I got for free on the iPhone 5. I wanted to give it a shot, mostly because guild chat, whispers, and group chats from the game is possible. If I can get it to work, I can try RPing without actually being in the game.

Unfortunately, it only seems to log in retail servers only. Anyone know how to change the realmlist?
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I don't believe you can switch it on an app without some heavy reprograming.
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(04-11-2013, 05:00 PM)Krilari Wrote: I don't believe you can switch it on an app without some heavy reprograming.

Usually phone OS's don't operate in the same way a computer does, so it doesn't have files such as a realmlist most likely to operate with. Reason being, a phone needs to have more compressed data as it has less memory all around. So, unfortunately, I don't think there is a way as it's most likely designed as some sort of official Blizzard app, or semi-official.
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