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World of Xeen Discussion
So I can post updates in a single thread without banter getting in the way, going to keep the actual thread closed and open up a separate discussion thread, here! If you want to talk about the LP, criticize or let me know if you like it, you can post here.
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Only criticism? Can't like stuff in the thread.

This is cool though, makes me wanna dig out some of my old Might and Magic stuff.
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This is cool because I've never played this game or saw it. It looks like it could be a cool adventure and hopefully it will spark some interesting RP ideas. Dragon Pharaoh already sounds awesome. Moar Dragon Pharaoh! This game looks pretty awesome, never saw it so I look forward to seeing it progress. I like how it was presented this is going to be cool. I'm super disappointed to find out there are Elves -and- ninjas and you didn't pick any T_T. lol Doesn't sound like your style though. I'm really intrigued though good stuff sir.
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The game looks fun! I love the bit of story you put behind it. The bat who's eyes glow red when an enemy is around...I've named him the 'Stranger Danger' bat.
So, just want to quickly mention that I haven't forgotten about or given up on this. I've just been very busy. It is the last week of classes over here, and so I'm trying to knock out all of my finals before I take another look at this.

Also, the game isn't THAT long, but the screenshots taken by DOSBOX are very small, and thus I have to resize each of them individually. Then upload them to Photobucket. Then write around each one and provide image links. It's a little bit time consuming.

Nonetheless, just updating this. Thanks for you guys who have commented so far.
Have you hugged an orc today?
- I am not tech support. Please do not contact me regarding technical issues. -

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