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Yalo's Character Death
Based on multiple accounts from the scene and many screenshots, I'm going to give him the option to keep his character due to the blatant amount of God-modding and lack of respect for peoples' emotes. Also the ones involved with his death will have their reputation dropped with Ratchet significantly.

(Posting this public so I don't have to send a million PM's so people won't go to Yalo and be like "I thought you were perma-dead!")
Hehe yep there was alot of god modding from both parties.

But I had a character taken away and killed in a similar fashion, I didn't ask for GMs to come down and stop it however.

If Yalo's going to do idiotic things that gets him killed then I think it's right to take action, we all had a raid going and we were doing /rolls, Yalo, unluckily lost all of them.

But yeah... it was a strange thing to happen, but the same happened to my character, because of being idiotic on one occasion, however Yalo gets himself in alot of trouble on numerous occasions especially with poor Oxauk.
What happens IC, -stays- IC.

People shouldn't take stuff that happens in character OOCly. I don't know if that's the case here, but it seems like it now, as it did in game from what was being spammed through the channels.
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△Move along.△


Yes Jag, you were in a raid, but not letting his emotes happen and not having respect for his character is also one thing. Like I said, my decision stands. He can revive if he wants to.
A tip: Getting an attitude about this with GMs, insulting other players, and generally being abrasive will not change things favorably for you. Strangely, people rarely offer you lolipops or money right after you rattle off a bunch of passive-aggressive complaints at them. Perhaps we can learn something from this.
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~Kurt Vonnegut
Hehe I was giving my opinion, sorry thought it's hard to translate my meaning and train of thought through text.

But yeah, we should keep it IC tbh, he even accepts his death, or so I was told in a whisper *shrug*
Thank you Andrasia for the opportunity, but I'll let poor ol' Yalo rest. Despite one or two people who played their acts shamefully, I'd like to keep it as is, to not affect other's role-playing. Once again, thank-you Andrasia, and thank-you to all those who rp'd with Yalo. . . It was enjoyable. :) /salute

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Not fate that butchers them or destiny that feeds them to the dogs.
It’s us. Only us.~ Rorschach

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