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You're Invited To: The Naga Inn!
(HUGE thank-you to Kretol for letting me post this. Kretol; if this is in the wrong forum, please move it where you see fit.)
[Image: KXiYDNQ.png]

We invite you to the launch of The Naga Inn, a World of Warcraft private roleplaying server that combines WotLK's core features with some upcoming additions to enhance your roleplay experience.  We'll mainly focus upon catering to the aging WoW crowd, blending a relaxed roleplay environment that still sanctions grittier themes that Azeroth can present. If you're the type that loves roleplay but doesn't take things too seriously and are looking for less "edgy" themes, you might have a home here.  Still, everyone is welcome no matter what style they favor!

With little to no bugs remaining in this version of WoW, we want to utilize what already works and combine it with a moderated and rewarded roleplay scene. As time goes on, expect new features to be added as we learn and grow together.  Aside from introducing some proper gold sinks in the future and tiny tidbits suitable for enhancing roleplay, will be no over-the-top promises of gamebreaking "systems" that deliberately overlook the core game.

[Image: 4ZZht6G.png]
In order to build our community of players and keep to the spirit of the original game, The Naga Inn is a PVP enabled server that invites players for OOC/IC leveling, raiding with friends and exploring a working, fully functional emulated environment. Our staff quickly moves to resolve any broken quests or instances as they come up! However, to make things fun we have increased the standard rates, letting players get to level 80 in a fraction of the time it would normally take on retail. The breakdown can be found below - 

Leveling, rep, skill gains, etc: 10x
Drop rate: 10x
Gold rate: 5x

  • Enforced Roleplay World - No OOC in /say, /yell, or /emote beyond briefly correcting yourself in brackets, private channels (including guild), and zone channels. There are no malls or ooc areas, either.
  • Rewards for hosting events - We want players to be proactive and be rewarded for it!
  • Working Blizz quests, classes, and systems - We're working with a polished WoW core with little-to-no bugs. Whether you're taking a break from RP to enjoy the game, or utilizing the game's features as part of your character, you shouldn't hit any snags. (And if you do, let us know!)
  • An Economy - We will be introducing lots of gold sinks and incentives to utilize WoW's default currency into our server. Even with the higher drop rate, we will work to make sure there's incentive for characters to work, craft, hunt, and trade their way towards their financial goals.
  • Transmogrification - You wanna have some priest raid tier that looks like the Twill Set? Go make some raid tier that looks like the Twill Set.
  • In-Character Guilds - We don't take applications for guilds, but we will make sure they're IC.
  • Cross-Faction - Everyone is familiar with this in the WoW private server community. Where would we be without it? Retail, that's where.
  • World PVP - Engage in the thrill of barfights, streetfights, or just accidentally hitting someone with an ice missile without that pesky faction in the way.
  • We have lots more planned, so watch for announcements!
[Image: lsWBL2V.png]

Be sure to visit the links above to learn more about our server, how to create a game account and get online and join us! We look forward to seeing you in-game and creating an amazing RP experience in our community!

[Image: dee3XWS.png]
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