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...You serious, Clark?
Apparently some people are arguing these days that they wish to change how the English language is currently written. They say that it's pointless to write such things as the word "said" as is, and instead say that it should be written "sed."


Because "employers are too hard on people who can't spell."

Guys, I think I have a justifiable reason to want to kill myself now. You really want to change the English language to fit your special needs? That's like making hotdogs into triangular shapes because their current shapes cause too many kids these days to choke on them, saying that Looney Tunes are much too violent and crying because Twilight's absolute nonsense isn't covered in more than four hideous books.

I honestly can't believe that people want to butcher the English language even more so that literate people have to suffer, and fork over their hard-earned jobs to stupid people. </rantrantrant>

(Below point spoiler'd because of doity woids.)

It's spelled 'you', not 'u'. Your/you're, not 'ur'. 'Why', not 'y'.

Just because I can understand what you're typing doesn't mean you should type it in such a lazy, half-ass uneducated manner.

I don't think cellphones and the internet ruined English.
I think lazy fucks did.

That is all.
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So Ivan say to me "Who was talking device then?"

And then Sergei say "But Ivan is dead"

That is when I realize Sergei was bear.
Agreed. Why change the english language?
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Mah babehs. I'm watchin' you, government.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Mm, this thread has my approval.
Or post.
I believe this is concerning the event of a tiny group of activists dressed in bee suits outside the location of the Scripps National Spelling Bee in downtown Grand Hyatt. People love to protest over their personal opinions. (Just as long as there's a few people who share it.)

These individuals, led by former Fairfax County principal Roberta Mahoney carried signs saying things like, "Love the Kids, Love the Bee, Hate the Spelling" and "Spell Sensibly and Everyone Wins!". Some people with lots of opinions claim that 40% of people are illiterate and therefore cannot get good jobs, and that students often have trouble in school because they cannot spell.

Spelling takes hard work, and most jobs rely on good spelling and dedicated people to keep the economy running effectively. Children should be encouraged to work harder, not easier. Still, 40% is not the majority and there have been many literary works that describe what happens when you try to enforce equality by handicapping the more capable population. (Ironic, right?)

Either way, international reputation and recovering the economy are some of the top concerns of our federal government. Cutting down our language to better suit people who don't want to learn how to spell is something that will probably not be supported.

Of course, these protesters have good intentions at heart and want the best for people everywhere, but this is not the way to do it. Plus, this protest was poorly timed considering the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.

On a closing note, I don't believe we have anything to worry about. The very idea is insulting to America's already fractured reputation and won't help our educational system's rankings on the international scale. If it by any chance happens, then I'm moving to France, where their dictionary is maintained by a government committee. (Hehe, they're still speaking like they did 100 years ago. It's beautiful.) Of course, the idea that some people want this can be frustrating, but it is nothing to get overly aggressive or depressed about. Have a literate day, everyone!

Source Links:
... is this truth?

I do not believe that in the work place we should always conform to the lowest common denominator. Being able to type and communicate coherently with others is extremely important. This is a quality that can help distinguish you from others. I know that as an engineer (i r nginer, d'uh), I'm not expected to be able to write. My ability to do so (and well, from the feedback I've gotten) helped me to stick out from the pack. This allowed me to be able to eventually begin holding classes teaching people how to do a variety of tasks and prepare supplemental material to go along with the training.

Furthermore, it's expected of specific positions! When an individual communicates, say, with the investors, you need to be able to communicate well. Since the vast majority of these people will be of a generation that speaks a specific way (and probably expects people to conform to their ways), it would be important to be able to do so and do it well!

I can't wrap my head around this concept.
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The day this happens is the day I move to England.

I'm really getting sick of how stupidly lazy people have become. It's difficult for me to carry on conversation outside of a forum like this, with people I know over messenger or even like retail WoW. We've become so lazy that we rely on quick methods to speed up our typing, sacrificing coherent grammar and spelling for "what's easy". It's the same reason McDonalds has jumped from "99 Million Served" to "99 Billion Served" in almost just a ten year period.

All you'd have to do is compare television shows from now, to television shows ten years ago, too. Thinks like Ren and Stimpy... gave into Sponge Bob. Roundhouse turned into iCarly. Twin Peaks? Meet reality shows.

Hell. Less people vote on the American President than they do for the next American idol, granted, teens can vote for the idol too, but statistically more adults vote this way too. We have shows like "Biggest Loser", where they get teams of people who are overweight to try and loose weight by dangling a large amoutn of money infront of them.

We have become a push-the-button-get-the-cookie country. You know? I feel poor, but I have internet, a nice TV, and I eat every day. I forget how much our country is babied, often, because compared to everyone else who can be waited on hand and foot, -I am poor-. But I'm not third world country poor.

I was watching a movie about current Ireland. Those people raise their own livestock, and grow their own veggies in order to eat. Reason is, super markets aren't always readily available, unless you live in the "bigger" cities. But they don't have retail chains like we do.

tl;dr: We're all relying too much on the easy method. Some day, we'll be forced to face hardships without relying on what we do now to survive. Maybe not in our life time, but it -will- happen.
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△Move along.△



Say, how much is a plane ticket to Greece these days. Might need this information if this comes to pass.
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Double plus bad.
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Here in America, we all live under the illusion of convenience. Bad news, kiddies. Someday, all the convenience is going to run out. It's running out as we speak. BP spilling all that oil on the Gulf of Mexico? We've grown so heavily reliant on oil for transportation of goods, people and services that when there's no more oil, how are people going to get to the grocery store? Or get clothes? Or TOILET SEATS? We also rely on natural gas to power electricity plants. Lights, fans, refrigerators, computers, internet, security systems? They'll be on their way out, too. Gas in Europe is in the double-digits in places, and yet we're spazzing out because it's three dollars here? This is the calm before the storm.

And speaking of the internet, it's sad how many people have grown up with the electronic teat in their mouths. They're making clothing that makes it easier to carry around a damned iPad. People grow up in this electronic world where everything's handed to them -- even social skills. I guarantee you, take the internet away from everywhere for a month and people wouldn't know what the hell to do. You'd have people running around in complete panic, not knowing how to be social with one another or HAO 2 PSOT ON TEIR TWITTUR. It's outrageous.

For our own sanity, humanity should at least take a day out of the week, go outside and do -nothing.- Go for a walk. Swim in a creek. Pick flowers. GROW flowers. Like George Carlin said, kids don't just go outside and play with a stick all afternoon anymore. I think that needs to come back.
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:[ Screw this, I'm going to school in Japan.
(Of course, adjusting to such a rigorous educational program after going to school in the American South would most likely kill me.)
before u say i am stoling this tesseract let me explain to u a thing
Ironside Wrote::[ Screw this, I'm going to school in Japan.
(Of course, adjusting to such a rigorous educational program after going to school in the American South would most likely kill me.)

Ooh, ooh, you know the worst part?

People down here are anti-education. They're anti-science. Cobb County Georgia, less than 2 hours from where I live, recently passed a law that mandates they teach the biblical account of creation in science class, to "maintain balance."

That's right, the belief that the world was created in 6 days by a magic skydaddy, and man was created from dirt and women from his rib is being taught alongside scientific theories that have been honed and perfected for almost 200 years.

It makes me want to throw my computer out a window.
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DarthNader26, Please don't forget rule #2.

:3 Let's keep this thread on track guys, it's interesting.

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