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Your favorite villain.
My own mind and paranoia. Amnesia and the two good Penumbra games.

Alternatively the entire environment in STALKER: SoC and CoP. Too damn great.
Sanity? Of course!
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Cough, Scar, cough.

No, but really, Scar from the Lion King and Hades from Hercules.
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(06-26-2013, 11:20 PM)Yandere Wrote: My own mind and paranoia. Amnesia and the two good Penumbra games.

Alternatively the entire environment in STALKER: SoC and CoP. Too damn great.

Amnesia nearly drove me insane. And I was supposed to review the damn thing. Crazy2
Active Characters:
Velennia - Anchorite. Has a strange liking for tea.
Vynthia Blackfire - Magistrix. Craves sightseeing.
Vanessa Briarthorn - Seemingly timid housewife. Enjoys painting.

Final fantasy 12, 10, 7 were my favorite. Great characters and villains as well as gameplay. Dialogue makes and breaks a game.
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Well let's see here... I think joker is an obvious universal. I'd like to hear from someone who actually didn't like him.

If I had to have a top ten, I think it would be this:

CHAOS from the warhammer 40k universe are great bad guys. What's more terrifying than a blood god, a god of pleasure and pain, a plague god, and a god of lies? Oh just their minions. Not to mention necrons. Damn those things are cool.

Reavers from friggin firefly, holy crap... Those are great.

The black scrawl from NIER. Yeah don't mind us we're just monsters made out of BOOKS. That's a metaphor all in itself.

The THING. An alien that can turn into your science team, and then it just hides... I love it.

Sith. Yeah.... Sith are awesome.

Bison from street fighter. Awww yeah.

Colonel Volgin from MGS3. I can shoot lighting AND BULLETS from my hands. I once started a discussion about who would win in a fight between bison and this guy, actually. Needless to say, the vote was for Bison... my money is STILL on Volgin...

Virgil from DMC3. I think it's safe to say I have a secret man crush on him.

The Strogg. Don't mind us we're parasites that take over your body. Ever wanted a gun on your arm? No? Too bad you got one now. And we own your mind! And their leader? A giant cyborg thingy called the "Makron." Just the name itself is sexy. It says "Hey, I'm in charge, b***h."

Carnage. What's better than mixing a symbiote with Cletus freaking Kasady? probably sex. I don't know I'm not an expert on these things. But hey, the guy can turn his hands into axes, and his face can take on the form of Barakas from mortal kombat.
Bison suuuuucks, Ibuki, Poison and Juri for the win!!! (Cause I'm sponsored to play those 3, no bias xD)
[Image: 14l32iv.jpg]
M. Bisen will always be the greatest fighting game boss ever. No other villains compare to him in the genre.

But, I have two others I really like.....

From Game of Thrones....

(Warning; death)


And Griffith from Berserk

[Image: Griffith_Portrait.jpg]

I know it may be controversial, but hear me out

(Contains big spoilers for Berserk)

What Griffith did was absolutely despicable. Guts and Casca are completely validated in their revenge quest against him, as Griffith's betrayal was one of the most disturbing and crazy things I've seen in manga. That whole Eclipse sequence is like a surrealistic nightmare, culminating everything bad about human nature.

But, from what I've seen in the latest Fantasia arc, Griffith's kingdom is looking to be a utopian powerhouse of a kingdom that's actually providing a peaceful resting point between humans and the demonic apostles. It's providing the central mega-kingdom of order that the world of Berserk so desperately needs. Griffith, now in command of his own kingdom, is looking to eradicate the chaotic aspects of the Berserk world, which have brought so much misery to everyone.

He's using his demon army to fight off monsters. He's crushing other kingdsoms in order to stop the cycle of genocide and war that has plagued the world. He's providing a place where people can be safe and free from the savages of enemy armies, demons, monsters, and random banditry. In other words, Griffith is slowly building a kingdom that will actually make the world a better place.

Griffith has made himself into the benevolent dictator that the world needs. And all of the atrocities that he has committed to get there, served a purpose in furthering this goal.

It's such a twisted take on utilitarian ethics that, I think, will trouble Guts greatly. IF Griffith's kingdom really does become the utopian peaceful safe-haven of the world, then that means that Gut's quest for bloody revenge may destroy that. If Guts succeeds in his revenge, then that means that all the people who have finally found peace in their lives will return to the brutal world of Berserk, caught between warring kingdoms, rampaging monsters, and uncontrolled Demonic Apostles (who seem to only be able to co-exist with humans under the command of Griffith).

It's that kind of conflict that makes a great villain, I think.
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"What a mess we made, when it all went wrong..."
(06-27-2013, 04:55 PM)Demigod204 Wrote: Bison suuuuucks, Ibuki, Poison and Juri for the win!!! (Cause I'm sponsored to play those 3, no bias xD)

Pff. It's typical you would pick all girls :P

Don't be mad that Bison gave all of your characters the beat down.

Bison: Don't mind me, just being the lord and master of the worlds greatest crime syndicate EVER.

What's poison done besides confuse the target audience? :D (Hopefully there are people out there who get this...)

Krent: Couldn't agree more. It was a fight between Bison and Shao Khan. He's up there, but Shao Khan is more of a top 50 than top ten.
Well everyone plays Ryu and other hadoken users....
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Hmmm... I'm quite partial to Mariana Bisen and Sagi Nightwhisper.
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Wow, this is a hard one.

I think my current favourites among villains are all antagonists of Serirei no Moribito because there's no real villain in that series, everyone is working for a common goal from different perspectives. More and less humane.

In general I'm fond of the relateable villains, those you in the end sort of hope will get their way or at least some kind of redemption. Grey Seer Thanquol and Poxmaster Scabfur are two skaven I like in this way. The ood of the Doctor Who are similar.
(02-24-2012, 10:15 AM)Piroska Wrote: Conspiracy. That's all it is; Kret's afraid that your pure, digital awesomeness would crash the server if it were allowed.
(06-14-2013, 05:42 PM)McKnighter Wrote: Bovel, Lord of Beards

Character About Involvement
Causticity Blackbreath Goblin Alchemist -
Telaah Draenei Anchorite Writings of an Anchorite

[Image: kiXJxhI.gif]
(06-28-2013, 04:24 AM)Bovel Wrote: The ood of the Doctor Who are similar.

I personally wouldn't say that the Ood were ever villains. In their first episode they weren't responsible for their own actions and in the second episode, the people they worked for were the real villains.
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[Image: Lazuri65.png]
After having finished The Last of Us, I feel I must add one villain to this thread. Spoilers for the game's ending.

Joel. Some would say he's not a villain, but he definitely is. He basically sacrificed all of humanity for his own selfishness when he saved Ellie. The worst part is that if I was in the same situation, i KNOW I would've done the exact same thing.

Despite me seeing what I was doing in the role of Joel, I didn't feel like I had to do it to finish the game, I wanted to save Ellie. The game gave me exactly what I wanted and I felt like shit over it.

He even knew that if Ellie would have been awake to make the decision herself, she would without a doubt have said yes. He knew and so he lied. All because he didn't want to loose her.

All I can think about is how selfish he was, but I can't for the life of me hate him or even think he was a bad man.
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