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Zangetsu's Introduction
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
I'm 14, I have a history of roleplaying on a game called Star Wars Jedi Academy. I've had my expierence in roleplaying for going on now 5 years. I've tried World of Warcraft, it didn't intrege me much, untill recently.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?
I'm from the United States, and I speak English.

How did you get into Warcraft?
Well, a long time ago, I purchesed the game Warcraft 3, then I purchesed the battle chest of that game playing the games after that.( Well, game after that )Then finally when I heard of a MMO coming out for Warcraft I thought to myself "Well now, something other than Star Wars Galaxies." When I first tried the game I was alittle disappointed, but it didn't stop me from playing the other Warcraft games.

What made you seek our server over others?
Quite frankly, after looking at your rules and then some of the forums, I was pleased at the community, and I decided to try it out after a recommendation from a player, Raltharon. I was pleased when the Maturity topic came up in your forums. Unlike most servers on Jedi Academy your players are mature. The Jedi Academy players were lacking that ability.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?
Well I enjoy sitting there on a hill watching the sun set, and watching it fall. I'm more of a quite and peacefull person. But when roleplay of war comes. I take it seriously, I do not joke around and make gestures to displease the opposing force. I take the oppertunity to show my skills and to compare them to the other oppenents skills.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?
I like the Orc race, but I also like the human race or Alliance faction. Why? Well because one, the Orc race at first really wanted me to play as one because of their culture, and history. And then there was the Human race (which all of us are), was also intreging because of the Betrayal of Arthus. Class wise, I've been told the Rogue class is a very good class, So I would most likly use it.

What are your expectations of this server?
Well I expect the server to be quite nice. I've been told that the server is fantastic and is always almost never empty. The roleplay I would expect to be great as well, considering the amount of effort into each character. Thus I'm sure this is a great community to begin any roleplay with.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?
Maturity the most. I would like to roleplay with characters that can take things seriously and take some things as a joke once and awhile, and be more respective toward each other as equals. As all men and women are equals in this world and on games. Like I said before, most players on Jedi Academy were lacking the ability to be mature and let things go when there was no arguement needed to begin with.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
I have a story in mind actully that I posted about my roleplay character on the Jedi academy game, If I may, I will post it after this in a seperate post.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?
Nope, I having nothing to add. I'll PM if I have any troubles or concerns.
.:In Memory of my Oldest Character:.
All through my 4 years of RPG on Jedi Academy, I have used one character that has built a legacy for all that time and it keeps building upon it self. This is in memory of my oldest Character. ~ Fox, The Creator.

.: Accessing Data Bank :….

.: Opening file :….

.: Data Received :.

.: File name: Foxerian Martin Aka Emperor Augustus I :.

:: Processing, One moment::

.: Opening Personal Journal :.

......Jedi Archive Instructor Nador Felzin, Introducing New File found in the ruins of an abandon Sith Temple. The Data Dates back to 13,000 BBY. Encrypting this file was terribly hard, but we now have introduced it into the Galactic Basic. Date of Time, 1600, 1,000 ABY. I will be introducing a man to you that once held the galaxy by the throat and had the Jedi on our knees. Let us begin, recordings inserted from the journal...

.:The Screen fizzes…A being appears into the screen, the being speaks in a cold and low voice:.

I am Foxerian Martin Last of the line of Martin from the Clan of the True Sith. I have decided to record my events into this very data pad that I have carried with me through fire and hell. I will recall each of the events that have happened to me through my thousands of years traveling and my knowledge of the force. My thoughts will now be put down on recording. Let me begin.. I was born on the Home World of Korriban, Though I never truly found my home world it is as I was told where I was born, but Through recent events my home world was Malachor V. I was born in the Academy there. The Dark Peaks and Electric shock waves still go through my bones. I now remember how I became so powerful.. It was because my Father was once the Dark Lord of the Sith. He had brought me to that Damned world inside my Mother's womb. When I finally saw the light in the dark of the Academy I was Brandished through the True Sith Ritual of Blood. These teachings have come from another whole Universe from where my Father and Mother came. This Ritual was a form of Falitly from my Family seeking save keepings to me. First, my Father cut his hand, and splashed the Blood on my Head, Then my Mother slashed her Hand, and splashed the blood on my Belly. The Ritual was complete and I was finally a Sith. I began training as soon as I could walk, it didn't matter if I could speak because the only language I understood was Sith'ese. The Ancient tongue of the Sith. I learned Galactic Basic through my father and the books of Language learning other tongues as well. I also made my first friend. Lorian Dicious. Though as evil and cripted as the other students, we found friendship through dueling, admiring each others movements. We became friends and defended each other from the older students who thought they were better than us. Those idiots, we were the best in the whole Academy besides the masters and Knights.

My mind was sharpened for battle, and my emotions were fueled by passion and hate. I longed for a challenge. That's when one day, I slew my Best Friend… I didn't know it until I saw him on the floor and the blood coming from his side. I killed him with a training blade during a spar. He left himself open and was killed for such error. I cannot risk such errors, I cannot risk my mind to wander, I cannot even risk to take my eyes off my opponent even for a split second. I will kill if the other being is the weaker foe.

I was then taken to my father for the disgrace of killing another Student of the Dark Side and skilled in it. When the Mentor left, I was left alone in the huge Meditation room with my father when he meditated to control his passion for power. It showed off him like a cloud of rain. It blackened his figure and everything around him was darker than ever. When I approached I went to my knees and apologized. He didn't say anything until a few moments later. He told me “Son, You have done nothing wrong. And I knew this day would come from you. You are not like the others in this Academy. Those around you are Not ‘Sith'. They are only fallen or born on other planets and brought here to learn. For they see themselves sith, but they aren't. They are only following a religion. They are not like us. We are the true sith, for we do not require such needs as they do, we feed off of their suffering, we feed off their life essence. We are Immortal. And I know you felt Thrill from killing your biggest challenge yet. But that is nothing compared to death on the field and cutting your opponents life to a complete end at the end of your blade. Or Just looking at them, and crushing them to bitts. That is true glory.” I then Realized that my father's eyes were different. They were like a snakes and Cat eyes. The pupil was straight and only a couple of Centimeters long. The eye ball itself has become a dark yellow. This was the true extent to a Sith's power, and it showed. I was dismissed and returned to my bed room to sit in the dark and think about what my father has said. I am pleased that by killing my Best Friend I have earned more than I know…

.:The Screen Returns to the Being
After that day, everything changed. I was quicker, faster, and stronger than any of my counter parts. I ignored training with a blade from then, because my Mentor told me that there was nothing left to teach. By now, I was 14, and willing to learn more about the force. I Went to the archives and read old Sith Techneqie and knowledge of the past helps one to center himself. I learned much from the Archives. But I needed a Master to teach me more. I went to my Father asking if he would train me in the way of the force, more advanced force stances. My father accepted the plea, and said this "This will not be easy my son. This will test everything you have, you will be put to the test of four. First, the Test of Emotions, Second the Test of Flesh. The Third the test of the Mind, then Finally The test of Power."

I wasn't sure what he meant by that at first but when it started i felt pain 24/7. It became natural after awhile but my father continuesly and riggeriously attacked me in every way. I put to the test when I had to survive the lava pits, I did push ups, sit ups everything on two beams in the middle. If I was to fall, my father wouldn't save me, I would have to save myself. I moved objects with my hand, such as small objects, but I didn't have the will power to move anything bigger. So then finally when I was deemed ready, my father took me to different places. We went to the entrance of the academy, and said "If you can survive here then you would have completed 3 of the 4. Survive for a week out in this....rocky and deadly planet." He pushed me out into the dirt, and locked the doors behind him. I got up and dusted myself off, and wandered down into the valley to the right. I looked around, and sat down for rest after a couple of hours. When i heard the very rocks move, I looked up. But saw only blackness. I used a techneque that i learned from my father, and saw everything in the force. I saw the 5 beasts sorround me. Storm Beasts. I readied myself for any attacks. One leaped at me.....

I Clinched at the foes large figure, and fell back telling myself 'I'm going to die.' But when I opened my eyes, the beast was floating in the air, and my hands were raised. I moved my right hand, and the beast flew that way untill I stopped. I smiled, and pushed the two hands together accerting my grip on the beast, and ripping it in half. Two charged at me. I pushed forward and blew them away into 1 of the other Beasts. The remaining one charged at me. I stood there clam. The beast had no idea, that I had raised a large spike into the air above. It was only a few feet before me, when I let go of my grip and the spike plunged into the beast's back. It screamed in horror, and its voice seemed to have shook the very ground around me. I decided to end this quikly, and graped a rock. I smashed its head in. I didn't move the stone knowing the beast was dead, and the blood dripped down the rock. I lifted some stones around into a circle, and ripped my robe. I started a spark and the fire lifted and smoke rose. The planets atmosphere made it hard to breath becuase of the fumes so I always had to center myself and cover my mouth with a part of my robe. I remained this way for many days, going out on scouts and improving my camp for survival I killed the beasts and cooked the carcuse. Though they tasted nasty, I still had to bear with what I had. And survived.

I walked back to the hidden academy once the week was up. I walked inside, and my father was there waiting in his chamber. He spoke to me as soon as I arrived. "You survived, eh? Good, you have tested yourself and proved worthy." I looked at myself, I had many scars and ripped robes. And I had shaped my passion and hatred into a sphere inside of me, now under my control. My Father nodded, "You can go back to your room and get some much needed rest, there you will find new robes." I noticed something about my father. He has changed....Some how he seems lighter than usual and that made me frightend. I decided and continued to my room. I looked in the mirror and saw that my right eye had changed. It was the very same eyes my father had. I was pleased and frightend at the same time. I didn't know what to do with the eye. But when I looked away and looked back at the mirror it was the same Blue eyes. I changed robes and fell asleep right away.

The next day came around, although you can't tell due to it always being dark on this planet. I walked to my father's chambers; he was standing this time. In full battle ready robes. His lightsaber at his side. I looked at him in a questioned way. He nodded and said. "Its time you learned how to unleash your power, how to use what you have learned." I felt something crawl from within, but it was more of a shock wave of excitment. it tingled from the tips of my fingers all the way down to my toes. I pulled a training sword to me. My father pulled also a training blade. He pushed forward with little force, and blew me right off my feet. I stood up and growled alittle. A brought back everything I had and pushed forward. It difflected it with his right hand. He did it with such ease like dusting sand off himself. I charged forward, and slashed at him. He deflected each of the blows to himself so easily with one hand. He kicked me in the chest, and I sputted out blood from my mouth. I chocked alittle and fell back. I regained my stance, but bairly. everything was becoming blurry. I fell, and I could hear the screams of people inside of my head. I saw something just then. I saw my mother burning inside a large room, and my father fighting off other force users...What this meant, I don't know. I regained my vision and saw my father walk closer. I screamed "Don't come any closer!!" Something tingled down from my spine and into both of my sets of fingers. I smelled the ash from my fingers...I blinked and my father had his hand out, it was scorched. He started to laugh. "And so my son you now have learned much. You have just learned Lightning." I smiled. It didn't last long for a large sound shook the academy.

I looked back at my father's door. I heard the screams and the clashes of sabers. My father ran to the door, and looked outside. He came back and his eyes were wild. He said "Son come with me, hurry!" We walked to the back of his chamber. There he touched a stone and a secret passage way opened to a capsule. "Foxerian, you must get away, you must be the one to bring honor to the family whereever you go no matter what. Choose your destiny my son, do not choose mine!" He pushed me in, and threw in a stone datapad and his own saber. He closed the hatch to the capsule. And activated the take off system. I felt something trickle down from my eye. It was a tear, and for once in my life I felt anguish. Knowing now that my father and mother would die by the hands of these belief following beings. Where ever this capsule may take me I will survive.

That's how I was found on Tatooine. And how I was found by a Jedi Knight Named Raltharon Damara. I was taken to the jedi temple on Coruscant. There I would receive training from the jedi. But not know who I was or where I came from. Only my Name. And that was Foxerian Martin.

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