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Zazz's Shadeweaver Trials
I am Zazz, a Shadeweaver Aspirant.

Shadeweaver is the title of my mentor. He told me little except that it originated as a blood line in the Kal'dorei culture. Needing an Aspirant of his own, my mentor chose me to teach. Although I am of Zandali race, the Shadeweaver way of life has been passed down to me. To fulfill my quest as an Aspirant, I must complete my Hundred Trials.

The Hundred Trials are to be faced alone, which can easily lead to the death of an Aspirant. The Aspirant is not allowed to have injuries magically healed, and they also are not allowed to have a mate. After being trained in the basics of combat by their mentor, a Shadeweaver is sent out into the world to seek out their Trials. These challenges are to be chosen by the Aspirant, but must offer some sort of experience or wisdom to the Aspirant. After completing the Hundred Trials, the Shadeweaver Aspirant must return to his or her mentor and explain the encounters of each challenge they have faced. If the Aspirant's mentor accepts the Hundred Trials, they will challenge the Aspirant to one final fight. Should the Aspirant succeed in the fight, they will then be accepted as a Shadeweaver.

And so my path begins.

Trial One
Opponent: Alinestia
Trial of Flame

For my first Trial, I fought a Pyromancer. I wielded my single short-sword, and my basic leather armor. The mage was very adapted in her magical ways, and was able to cast intimidating spells. Although I was kept at a range from the mage, through pure agility I was able to nimbly avoid each fiery mass that was hurled at me. I did suffer burns on my upper body, face included, but I was eventually able to subdue my opponent and land a few blows, causing her to yield. From this Trial, I learned both the importance and intensity of natural and magical flames in combat. I also learned how to better defend against them when and if I am again faced against a Pyromancer.

Trial Two
Opponent: Bormus
Trial of Speed Runes

For my second Trial, I fought a worthy opponent. None other then a fabled fighter, a Runemaster. I wielded the same weapon I previously had. This tauren was rather large, inscribed all over his body with odd runes of some sort that would occasionally flash and glow. I believe that due to these runes, the Runemaster imbued power into his limbs. When the runes would glow, the swings of his fists would become fast, as quick as bullets, leaving nothing but a blur to be seen. Through agility and reflex alone, I was able to avoid a lot of the oncoming attacks, although towards the end I did suffer. I've got a large bruise on each forearm, and I believe I've dislocated my right shoulder. There was an audible crack so I believe I've had a rib fractured as well, much less the pure disorientation that comes from being hit by a large opponent like that. Although this fight was a rather difficult one, I managed to land several blows on the slower foe, eventually having him yield to me. From this Trial, I learned of the mythic Runemasters, and I was able to encounter one in combat. I also learned to better contrast speed and slowness, as my foe was slow when he was not swinging his fists. Only through my speed was I able to avoid him, and I only learned this after my victory.

Trial Three
Encountered: Irogh
Trial of Meditation

For my third Trial, I did not fight an opponent. My Trial versus Bormus was still weighing heavily on my body, so I was unable to venture to the arena today. Instead, I met an orc on the beach named Irogh. He was aged and obviously wise, and he told me that he was 'meditating'. While this was a foreign practice to me, I asked to join him in hopes of gaining new insight. Irogh had me tell him what was bothering me, then soon had me 'rest' in the water without my armor. While it felt odd and strange to sit in the water, I also kind of enjoyed it. After resting in the water, I did indeed feel stronger and more healed, and slightly more clear-headed. This orc proved to be nothing but helpful in my quest, giving me the information needed to consider this a Trial on my quest. From this Trial, I learned the importance of 'relaxation', even though I was not able to obtain it very well.

After my Trial, I encountered another Shadeweaver Aspirant, a Kal'dorei by the name of Kaanai. She revealed to me that she was part of the original Shadeweaver bloodline, and she had thought she was the last surviving Aspirant. I told her of my mentor, and of his various Aspirants, and how she is far from the last one. While altogether an odd occurrence, Kaanai and I were both grateful to have discovered each other. To find another Aspirant motivated me in a way I have not felt for a very long time; to feel part of a group, of a greater purpose. That very moment, I politely said my goodbyes and went off to embrace my next Trial. One day, I hope to carry as much insight and experience as Irogh, and I may only accomplish this by traveling the path that is both set before me and Kaanai both.

My path continues.

Trial Four
Opponent: Jaedyn
Trial of Rage

For my fourth Trial, I fought with a berserker, a warrior taught to harness their rage to make them almost unstoppable, even when taking heavy damage. This, by far, was one of my hardest Trials to progress through. Although I used my agility to the best of my ability to avoid the berserker, his relentless pursuing eventually closed him in on me, and I took some damage. From what I learned of berserkers, though, is that they fight harder when taking damage, so I decided to stay my blade, entirely focusing on avoiding the hulking troll. I did avoid him for a long time, and eventually it was evident that the chasing back and forth was taking a toll on his physical structure, having no rage to fuel him. I became almost equally as exhausted, but waited until the troll was almost unable to continue pursuing me to strike. It was one simple strike, a deep slash from collarbone to opposite hip, and it bled rather quickly. I knew that the berserker could've used this wound to chase me further, but at this point he was both exhausted and alarmed at his wound, causing him to simply yield to me. I may have gotten lucky by defeating this Trial, but I did it none-the-less. From this Trial, I learned that the best way to defeat an opponent that fuels himself on rage is to give him as little rage as possible to work with.
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I figured I should include an OOC post below my IC post to clarify to those curious. This is an IC thread that will follow the Shadeweaver trials of Zazz, my troll. Information on Shadeweavers can be found here, and another reference of Shadeweaver trials can be found here. I'll be continuously updating this thread with edits and new posts (in sets of 10 trials) as the trials go on.

While the easiest trials available are fights, they can also be anything enriching that teaches valuable information, like a long journey or simply a philosophical conversation. Due to the nature of me needing these Hundred Trials to be completed, I'm also partially asking the CotH community.

Would you like to fight? Would you like to take a journey? I need objectives and opponents for my trials. I'm entirely open for requests, and I'd be more than delighted to receive some PMs requesting RP. Location is not an issue, but a neutral area, primarily STV, would be best.

Without sounding too desperate, please.
And with this, Zazz is open for challenges.
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