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Zekuul [Troll Primal]
The Primal class has been through the Private Discussions board and has been cleared. Minus the mutations.

Player: Hawk

Character Full Name: Zekuul

Character In-Game Name: Zekuul

Nickname(s): "The Animal"

Association(s): The Horde, The Darkspear, Gurubashi Arena (ex),

Race: Troll

Class: Primal (Warrior)

Skills and Abilities:

Blood and Gore: The wounds that the Primal tends to inflict are brutal and don't particularly enjoy it when a piece of meat escapes their grip. They furiously maul and cripple their foes, only satisfied when they are a bloody mess on the floor.

Fury of the Beast:
The Primal can give into his anger, channelling it and using it as his fuel. When this rage is tapped into, for short periods of time there is little that can stop them. (Only with ingame spells like Berserker Rage.)

Warcry of the Troll Empires:
The Primals were once a large bulk of the great Troll empires, and for good reason. Their roars can frighten even the most seasoned of warriors, and their battle cry can inspire the downtrodden.

Instincts of the Alpha: With the destruction of a beast also comes the natural instinct to protect his own pack against any outsiders. They punish any who harm their young and avenge their fallen with fang and claw.

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Hair: Crimson, tied into a ponytail

Eyes: Dark orange, leaning into the red spectrum

Weight: 334lbs

Height: 8'1

Appearance: Zekuul is a hulk of a Troll, his mauled and burned muscles being covered with hides and reinforced leather from the beasts he has slain. He sports little armour, but he wears a very distinctive headpiece. It is the head of a tiger, but with a hole through the neck and placed over Zekuul's skull. His eyes and mouth are visible in the maw of the trophy, whose jaws never seem to close. His hands are covered in large steel claws that are always sharpened but usually a little bloody, and are also covered in tiger pelts to resemble an actual tiger claw. Though these are his primary weapon of choice, he can on rare occasion be spotted with a pair of wicked axes in his hands.

On his waist is a trio of shrunken heads - a Goblin, a Human and Troll. He doesn't often tell the tale of how he got them or who they once were, but they're constantly dangling on his person.

Personality: Zekuul isn't a Troll who often practices mercy, nor is he a Troll who suffers fools gladly. He will bluntly tell people what he thinks of them, regardless of the consequences. Laws and chain of command matter little to him. There is only the one he respects the most, which is the alpha male. Everyone else is below him or at least equal to him in his eyes. He preaches blood and brutality, and cares little if people are disgusted by his savagery. Despite the raging animal that's let loose in a fight, he hasn't got a particularly short temper. He bottles it all up and releases it at intervals, usually when there's killing to be done. He considers himself to be blessed, and any who dispute it are ignorant fools.

He believes that there is little time for fun and games, and will often do his best to avoid attending festivities and parties. He prefers the company of few rather than many, and should the crowd become overbearing he will just up and leave. Zekuul spits on the weak, and is more inclined on putting them out of their misery instead of helping them.

History: From an early age, Zekuul was always something of a wild child compared to other children his age. He would often just outright attack other children for seemingly no reason other than to show his dominance over them, which was something that the fellow Warriors of the village were amused at, whilst others scorned him and attempted to soothe his wild temper. He responded to the so called teachings of restraint by not only refusing to cease his assaults, but even testing his luck against those who were both older and tougher than he was. But even when he came back home bloodied and beaten, this didn't seem to bother him. In fact, it was noticed that many of his greatest friends were the ones who had previously defeated him. Either he was a masochist, or he was just a little touched in the head. But as the years went by, he was becoming only a bit more disciplined.

He beat people to a pulp in the arena, not innocent fishermen or fruit gatherers.

He embraced Shirvallah as his one true Loa, and began to hone his skills with like-minded individuals. For the rest of his days, Zekuul would do nothing but fight and hunt, making more enemies than friends along the way. No matter what was advised to him, his nature couldn't be tamed, so he was simply left to his own devices until he had to be put into his place. Soon the time came where Zekuul had something to release his anger against that wasn't his own tribe. Humans, Orcs, Murlocs and Naga came and put life to a dead halt. After the chaos had settled, Zekuul found himself on the dusty wasteland of Durotar. He spent as little time as he could, only staying to repay his debt to the Orcs before forging his own path.

His journey would take him to Stranglethorn Vale, one of the only places where he truly felt he belong. He would take up a new hobby, collecting the heads of Bloodscalp and Skullsplitter Trolls and putting them on spikes outside of his den. He waited everyday for a challenger to approach his den, intent on adding another to his collection. One day he got what he wished, but it wasn't a Troll that stood before him. It was a trio, and they ambushed him as he slept. They bound him in chains and threw him at the mercy of the Gurubashi Arena. He was now a slave, and there was little he could do about it. But there was a part of him that enjoyed it. The blood shed. The carnage. The roar of the crowd. The only problem is, he despised Goblins, and if he were to become a mindless slayer it would be under his own terms, not some tiny bag of green flesh.

He was kept in a stone cell beneath the arena, like many other hundreds of gladiators and slaves ready to be thrown into the pit. One day, whilst he was pacing around in his cell, two colossal monsters brought in from somewhere far were sent at each other. Their clash was causing the earth to rumble, but as Zekuul looked across the cell, he noticed that the titanic duel had caused a brick to come slightly loose. Curiously, he pulled the brick out of the wall. Hidden away were a pair of pristine tiger claws, and an engraved tablet that depicted a Troll and a tiger fighting side by side.

He held onto these mysterious relics until he was able to earn his freedom. With some outside help, his release eventually became a reality. The first thing he did was retrieve his artefacts and consult an elder of his tribe. The elder described that these were once held by a Primal, a dark and mysterious warrior from the days of the Gurubashi and the Amani. Though their numbers had dwindled since The Sundering, and thought to be nearly extinct. Zekuul immediately discovered that he had a calling. He would journey from ruin to ruin of the ancient Gurubashi empire, putting together scraps of texts and items. He couldn't track down anyone who could teach him in person, but he had spoken to many who knew more on the subject and would point him to particular locations.

Countless days and weeks had passed before Zekuul was finally able to unlock the power he had sought for so long. His search for the inner beast wasn't unnoticed, and he was eyed with interest by a fully fledged Primal. After a long conversation, Zekuul was deemed worthy enough for training. He found the inner beast inside himself to be greater than any weapon he could've been given. With his potential realised, he set aside his trivial hunts in the jungle and went to march on the battlefields. Though he was hard to restrain, he was an admirable soldier as well as a dependable bodyguard, but he never received any promotions. He didn't seem to care for honour or glory - only the next battle. When the wars had passed, he had returned to the jungle for some unfinished business. The trio that enslaved him were soon to be nothing more than shrunken heads hanging from his waist.

Another war has now come to Azeroth, and Zekuul faces it head on.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
"is a trio of shrunken head " heads.
"It is the head of the tiger, but with a hole through the neck and placed over Zekuul's skull. " Not head of a tiger?
"He would often just outright attack other children for seemingly no reason other than to show their dominance over them," his dominance over them,
" two colossal monsters bought in from somewhere far" brought in, maybe?

The rest checks out, but check it for spellin' mistakes and the like.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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Derp. Fixed!
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Quote:He would often just outright attack other children for seemingly no reason other than to show his dominance over them, which was something that the fellow Warriors of the village were amused at, whilst others scorned him and attempted to sooth his wild temper.

“Sooth” should be “soothe.”

But I see nothing else wrong with this. So take your initial :P

Initial approval!
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."

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