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Zizzori Goldsteam [Goblin Warlock]

'''Player:''' ThePharaoh

'''Character Full Name:''' Zizzori Goldsteam

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Ziz

'''Association(s):''' Steamwheadle Cartel, The Goldsteam Family, The Horde

'''Race:''' [[Goblin]]

'''Class:''' [[Warlock]]

'''Age:''' 38

'''Sex:''' Male

'''Hair:''' Turquoise

'''Eyes:''' Fel Green

'''Scale/Height:''' 1.07


A bit tall for a Goblin, Zizzori always dresses with authority. Crude pinstripe suits, scarves and hats. Some garments custom tailored after Gilnean design, his ears are pierced and is usually clean shaven save for stubble on longer days at the 'office'. He is fond of jewelry, or anything that will demonstrate his wealth. He also has two gold teeth, and a cane with a blade inside.


Zizzori is a con goblin, a liar, a killer, a gambler, and a cheat. He adheres to a criminals code and is willing to die for it. He has put himself in many suicidal situations to prove a point, adhere to this code, or simply on a whim. He is unpredictable which is where he earns a bit of his fear and respect from those who serve him. Because he manipulates, and lives without fear of death his drive to succeed comes with little self hindrances ( save for his dangerous actions on a whim ). He is intelligent and meticulous, necessary for running multiple businesses. ( Weapons trade, drug trade, Potions at his public business 'Alchey-Hall' and his Brothel crudely named similarly to his own.)


Zizzori was born the youngest of Seven kids, in a small cramped shack with their parents and aunt. His mother was an alchemist, and his father was an abusive thug that would become pathetic in the sight of his mother. Ziz was a quiet child, he played with his siblings, and understood their poverty but he desired more. The games were more serious to him, he had fun all the same if he lost to his older brothers and sisters but he wanted to win. Every time. He noticed this as his siblings moved out of the house one by one, seemingly less ambitious than the one before them. By the time he was thirteen he was in the makeshift lab assisting his mother on potions, and his father with poisons quite efficiently. He started to acquire knowledge they both had within himself, and in turn became a better alchemist than each of them individually. In his early teenage years, he would help his parents sell their respective product and tripled their clientele in months. He lied about the quality of the product of course, but only to those who wouldn't know better.

Having more ambition than his parents, he took over the family business and began spending the incoming coin differently. They added a second entry to their home, and an extended room, or hall. Ziz dubbed this area the "Alchey-Hall," and the name stuck. Once business increased they began serving Alcohol, with herbal additives but mostly lied about cheap kegs they received from regions the locals weren't familiar with. Zizzori's aunt being a skilled mage helped on acquiring a lot of inventory for a fraction of what other goblins paid for shipping, fuel, and other expenses. Packages were made to be concealed and uniformed, so poison and drug customers often waited in line with traditional customers and both parties remained ignorant of what was being purchased.

Before long he began branching out, and faced constant resistance from other 'entrepreneurs'. He had supplies ruined, customers lied to, property damage and threats. Ziz retaliated to all of these with the help of his older siblings that were fed up with their lives and jobs. Since he had turned things around for his family over the years, some of his siblings became 'muscle' for the family business. This worked well as his siblings and others picked up along the way helped deal with threats and persistent rivals in bloody ways. Zizzori slowly fell to his love of winning, and the allure of power. He began exploiting his competition, and family to begin to open up multiple Alchey-halls in other goblin cities. He began hanging out with different crowds, those who could spend coin like he could and he was then introduced to the power of fel. Leaving most of The Goldsteam Family business to his family, he practiced, and studied demonology and fel under the training of a few Orcs who were respected by his new wealthy peers.

When he returned back to his family full time, he was much colder and even treated some friends as strangers. Still he was respected amongst his blood and no one questioned his rule over the organization which had become sixty-percent criminal activity. They began to use the neutrality to their benefit and began funding both sides of the war. This ended when he caught word of Kezan's evacuation due to the eruption of Mount Kajaro, he was told his mother was in a ship and shot down by an alliance vessel targeting the Horde. Enraged, the organization cut off all ties to the alliance and followed Garrosh proudly in his new vision of the Horde.

His ambition became the lubricant that slid him down the path of irrefutable darkness. His demons would tell him stories of power, of demons with ferocity. Demons who had the ability to bestow power upon mortals. Intrigued and destroyed over the loss of his mother he continued to slip away from reality and towards the poisonous green light. He had began increasing his skills, as his siblings who he rarely saw ran his businesses, his appointments, and companies. They only saw him as distraught, being the youngest and felt sorry for him. After all he had done for his family, it seemed as if he had lost ambition, his mind and grasp on reality. They were only partially right, He usually remains in the basement of his manor, with his demons working on his alchemy like his parents before him. When he does leave, he doesn't like to be gone for very long. His criminal presence had decreased with his personal involvement, but still has enough loyal customers to maintain a luke-warm foothold in the market.
The Family Tree

TheBook of ThePharaoh

Pharaoh's Colosseum

The Four Suns Inn

"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200
Nice and solid profile. Approved!

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