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Zug Zug (Revised)
As a player I believe that I am well rounded as far as RP goes. I've been RPing on different games such as Neverwinter Nights, retail WoW and Warcraft III. Yes, Warcraft III. I can't honestly say I'm too proud about that one though. ;) While I sometimes may be busy during parts of the year due to schooling and a job, I have most of my free time to myself to do as I wish as far as RP goes which is great and I think I can bring all that I have into a server such as this and make it fun for myself and everyone who I come into contact with.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
I was born in and currently live in America, with English being my primary language.

How did you get into Warcraft?:
A long time ago, back in the ages of Warcraft II, I began on my journey through 'FOR THE HORDE!' And the like. From then on in I was addicted to the lore behind the Warcraft IP and the Horde itself with the coming of Warcraft III and eventually WoW.

For the most part I've been around beating around the WoW bush since I was quite young, and have loved the lore all the way through. At first I questioned the capabilities of WoW and its engine but as I grew older I came to understand that it has great potential for role play which is a big bonus for me. Of course, I played retail, went through the raiding process etc, etc. Every now and then I'd try role playing but the regular retail role play was few and far between. That, and the retail community tended to label me a 'noob' for even trying.

What made you seek our server over others? (Or how did you find us?):
I found this server through a friend a mine who also just joined. We have a little group going on and we usually attempt to join the same servers at the same time. I've tried other RP servers in the past, but for better or worse none of them ever really 'clicked' with me. This server seems to have what I'm looking for as far as the depth of RP and leveling system goes.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I enjoy long walks on the bea- Oh wait, right, not -that- into detail. Romance is a enjoyable part of RP as far as the Warcraft setting goes, along with the roleplay potential of the Horde; like I hinted at earlier I have a bit of a love affair with the history and culture of the Horde and its member races therein. It's been around in theory since the very start of the Warcraft franchise, and has a lot of depth and uniqueness behind it which makes it so appealing.

Any kind of RP that helps flesh out my character's personality is truly outstanding, though I tend to avoid ERP specifically. For the most part, I enjoy role playing out the life of a character in any way I can. In essence, I can enjoy treading down many different types of role play paths such as the majestic wizard, or the downtrodden peasant. Evolution is the most important aspect of a character, in my opinion; it's not the destination but the journey that matters most. Every character has their own hopes and dreams, but in a living and breathing world these are all subject to change, just as the very nature of the character can change.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
Usually I go for Orcs or Tauren as they always seem to be the least played race. I find that the lore behind the Orcs is rather entertaining; if you really give the race some thought, the Orc's are responsible for many of the neatest aspects of modern Warcraft lore. They were amongst the first mortal Warlocks and Necromancers, they created the first Death Knights, they're actually from another world entirely and one of their eldest and most respected shamans became the Lich King.

As far as classes go, I mostly tend to play Warriors, Paladins and Mages. Quite the opposite playstyles, but I guess you could say that I like to experience both sides of the spectrum. I find that, for the most part, I stick to one character in order to develop them to their fullest. Characters have a lot of potential; I like to focus my attention on one to see that potential fully realized.

What are your expectations of this server?:
Well, simply put I expect great RP and an extremely lively environment; it is a roleplay server after all! I'm looking forward to the many great chances I'll have to experience this server with my friends and you all.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
Respect appeals to me the most, because in an RP server you need respect in order to truly have fun. Not many servers can say that 'respect' of others' RP is truly enforced. For the most part, in other servers you are usually walked on and insulted for RPing, namely retail.

The typing section was also a good favorite of mine due to the fact that I have met many, many people who can't seem to keep up with role play due to their inability to type efficiently. Not to bash on people who don't speak English as their first language, but I find that a steady grasp of typing goes a long way to improving everyoneâ€s immersion.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
I would like to postpone this for now, at least until I get a little more attuned to the server and all.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
Where is most of the RP located? I've seen that on most servers its usually on Alliance side, Stormwind. xD
Hello and welcome to COTH!

If you havenâ€t already browsed around already, please do make sure to check out the rules and policies so youâ€re familiar to the serverâ€s expectations!
As for making your first character, there are a lot of helpful articles and guides for you to read up on in case you donâ€t fully understand the lore. The wiki also contains helpful tips for making a character and for when youâ€re writing your first profile, such as weight and height.

When you get your account created, make sure to /join Chat and /join Barrens for if you have any questions not answered in the forums. If Iâ€m online feel free to whisper me or send me a PM.

RP has been spread about recently. Some people have started it up in Westfall, others go to Dalaran. RP can be located anywhere so long as you want it to be there. Tauren are rather underplayed, thus our Tauren player base would love you if you made one...two...or ten. Same with the Orcs.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

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