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account trouble
ok i am new to the server and i am trying to create a game account but it keps erroring so can a admin help me plz :?:
What problem are you having exactly?
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heh im having problems too...it says i cant login cause the account doesnt exists even tough i i searched the wiki and all that i cant seem to change nothing>.< i think im missing something Cry Cry HELPoh ya and my eyes hurt how mutch i readed :| :roll: :!: Cry
Frozen, have you created a Game account and a Forum account?
Also, reading is the key to this server.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Hi there,
same problem here ^^ And sure I got an Forum Account, how else could I write here? :P
I tried it a view times, everytime the same error message... just like frozen and the others.
How can we still join? Cry
Make sure you got the realmlist set right, the patch 2.4.3 and that you got a *Game account* the information from the forum account must be the same as for the Game account, it is case sensetive.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

If you are still having trouble, check your e-mail for the forums and make sure you are entering it as is from that. I had similar problems and found out that, even though I entered it as I usually do, the e-mail was lower-cased. Aside from that, all the stuff in the guide should help, and any of the previous suggestions.

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