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estimated players?
so just a quick question?

do you guys have any estimate of players gonna play when the server starts again, like if you counted the introduction you have accepted, because i saw somewhere that this server isn't really that populated, i just hope there will be enough so there is many alliances between guilds, and if there are any guilds that have many active players, cause this server has a great concept, but if im only gonna rp with 3-5 online players in my guild, that would be rather boring i think, but im still gonna play, if my introduction(when i make it) will be accepted, so im hoping of lots of people online espicially with the changes being made, so you guys will get lots of serious rp players, for all your hard work! :)
Guilds here are usually only 3-5 players. With the population usually maxing out at twenty-something online at a time, which will now, at least at first, be even smaller.
okay thanks, not what i hoped for but, well i will be here to strengthen the server as much as i can :D

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