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roleplaying with me.
While on vent last night, it was brought up that I do not have any vouches yet. I have been RPing but i shy away from asking for vouches after IC exchanges. I really don't care much either way, but I'm kinda interested in fleshing out my character in-game by being able to exceed level 40.

Like I said, i absolutely HATE asking for something, but it was suggested to me that I should ask or I will never receive vouches that I earned during RP.

I'd rather just hear some feedback though, as I am getting mixed reactions IC, so I do not know if anyone enjoyed my roleplaying, etc.

Responses are appreciated :>
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This is something that is probably better left to discussion via whispers after RP, and not as a general public discussion in the forums. If YOU enjoy rping with someone, ask them for pointers! There's always something to learn.
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