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server population abit low???
I was just wondering while waiting for my introduction to be accepted and looking around the wiki why you say on FAQs page that you only have 100ish players signed up and about 20 on at peek time? I mean you have about 20 people waiting to get accepted as well! could you not take advantage of this and add them all and have 20 more people to RP with. Its just I imagine its quite hard to RP a band of thieves or and a group of guards if theres is only about 20 people on at any one time? (I realize you say quality over quantity but surely you need more than 100 to have successful role play?) I don't know whether this is a stat which needs up dated or a mistake or the truth. just a little bit of info I wouldn't mind finding out more about before I make my decision to stay or go find a RP server where there are more people...

When I RPed with the stormwind militia on retail (cant remember realm but their leader created all the gryphonheart add-ons) they had a huge guild with loads of people and about 3 battalions of units and I thought the role play was still very successful.

Thanks for taking what i've said into account and your responses :)

Edit: this probably should have gone in the suggestions part of the forum...sorry!

Edit: sorted out my capital letters.
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To paraphrase all that I've read from the members and staff of CoTH they're looking to develop a close-knit community of roleplayers and they're looking for quality over quantity. I think that is also why the introduction process is so important because they get to know you a little and whether they think you'll jive with the family they have created.

Since the flop of the commercial roleplaying servers I think alot of people might want to go for a more closed roleplaying community because those that can play along and develop stories effectively with one another are not washed out by people that would like higher rates then commercial, or would like to grief players.

I hope this accurately reflects CoTH's feelings towards the issue, sorry if I've shot wide.
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Sorry but it's just irking me :/ Could you work on your capitalization and such please? As in capitals at the start of sentences, and I as opposed to i. Thanks :) It also helps people take you a lot more seriously. At least, it helps me do so.

As for the actual thing, I haven't been around long enough, but I'd assume the GMs know what they are doing with regards to the population of the server. It's a fair suggestion though.
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Lyre and Vrahn have summed up our stance on the situation quite nicely.
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