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Took 'em long enough.

Just some 3rd-party urged by Blizzard Lawyers, when Blizz devs still, to this day, haven't figured out how to make their own RP servers worth a damn. I'm not even a CotH regular anymore, haven't been for years, but the worst role-play here trumps the best you'll find on any official server.

I drop by here to see whats going on every few months and its refreshing to still see this place as healthy as its been.
This is really shocking to me. I'm not too sure what to say since I'm feeling a lot of things right now; CotH has been a very important place to me, even if I faded in activity and flitted back and forth as I have these last few months. I have a pit in my stomach where all of those times I thought 'maybe I'll come back next month' are just stewing together in a mess of unpleasantness right now.

I had a lot of fun with the community here, and I did many things I'm proud of on the staff. Now that I'm seeing this post as a reality rather than just a possibility in the future I wish I had done a lot more.

I've seen a few ideas already being thrown around as the next incarnation of CotH, and if any need I might be able to help out somehow.

I can't make words too well right now. Hope everyone else is doing alright.
Damn. There are names I haven't seen in years popping up.

Holy fudge.
Well, having just seen the post... I honestly can't decide on if it's a bad thing or a good thing for me. I love RP, really, I do. I've had some great experiences roleplaying, and I wish I could go back to them and relive them in their fullness. But, live RP, at the very least, is time-consuming. Very much so. And, me being in high school.. stuff's going to start changing fast. And I can't let myself be distracted. Even if this stuff is one of the best things to cheer me up.

I could go do forum RP, yes. But I like having a faster pace for my RP. While I've never tried it, I also doubt I could get into chat-room RP, the main solution to my aforementioned problem. As others have said, having a visual.. just makes things so much better. It saves you the thought and all the extensive descriptions, while still getting a detailed image of their character. I want to imagine characters that are already there, doing something. Not having to create a character in my mind and THEN make them do stuff. Art just isn't me, and that extends to my imagination of visuals like a character. Oftentimes, it just defaults to someone I've seen in real life or one random person I came up with that doesn't even fit the description.

On a less important reason, I like WoW because this comp I have at my mother's house can run it okay (with old models), and you can guess that it can't run much else, so this makes a good pass-time. RP in general, really; you don't need a high frame rate to do emotes. Preferrably a frame rate above 7fps, though.

That all said, I suppose I'd be happy to try getting back into GW2, Warcraft 3, and as I've seen elsewhere, someone brought up Neverwinter? I never roleplayed on it, not even sure if you're talking an MMO, and honestly haven't played it since I was like.. 5. I have diamond edition for the first one, though. Will need to learn lore. On my dad's comp, I can also try a much broader scope on more intensive games like Starcraft II, and you can try to convince me to buy something else.

I'm not crying. I kind of wish I was. But either I'm really that apathetic, or something in me knows that this might actually be a good thing in the long-term. Maybe, if I survive college and get a steady life of self-sufficiency, I'll really settle down into some RP. Right now, I'm in a time of great change and decisions.
Well shit, y'all pulled me out of the wood work. As much as I have been absent from CotH in the past months, it's still sad to see this server go. I've made some of my best friends on this server, and my ability as a writer and storyteller has improved drastically from being on CotH. I learned not every character has to be super spectacular to be interesting. And there are quite a few people here who inspired me to think outside the box and better myself as a Roleplayer. I was sixteen or seventeen when I joined the server, and I've grown up with a few of you. I made friends here I hope I'll keep for the rest of my life, and it's a shame to see us shut down like this. I wish this wasn't happening, CotH was the last haven for a good Roleplay community as far as Warcraft goes (trust me I've been playing retail on and off since I was 12, and I've tried plenty of other private servers).

So I guess this is goodbye to the server, but hopefully not those I've come to know and love here. This community will always have a place in my heart, lots of good memories, maybe this won't be the end, maybe we'll figure something out, but if we don't, goodnight, sweet prince.
I refuse to say goodbye.

I always knew I wouldn't be able to stay in CotH forever. I always knew, at some point in time, it wouldn't last forever. But not like this. Not with all the work we've put into as a community, as writers searching their creativity, as roleplayers exploring fictional souls, as people who have stuck together through the thick and thin that is life. Surely, I've observed that, with every year of this server, a new generation has taken up the server's activity while the year before it has more or less moved on. But seeing folks return that I otherwise would not have seen years ago, it tells something how strong CotH is as a community. I don't know any other community that holds itself a haven for our LGBT community and congratulates people for coming out. I don't know any other community that doesn't punish people facing depression and, instead, encourage them to seek help while providing words of encouragement. I've seen people divulge the details of their surgeries, their pregnancies, their relationship happiness and troubles, their life--and not be mocked for it, or at least not have mockery tolerated and rewarded. This is the closest I can honestly say of an actual family over the interwebs. Friends meeting friends, the works. And as much as our main venue of RP is gone, that doesn't mean we have to say goodbye for good.

Sure, it somewhat destroys a lot of RP opportunities; TLE has survived to this day because of community input, and Hyjal works best with an army rather than just a handful of heroes. However, I was never one to let a wall stop me from making the most out of creative output, and I still abide by this today. As far as I know, the CotH canon still applies but lives on in other ways.

I still intend to run Hyjal, and I still intend to continue our storylines. TLE might have to retire, but it can rise again as something else. Who knows? Yes, I'm extremely sorrowful of the fate of our server... but one door closes, another one opens.

Ain't no mountain high
Ain't no valley low
If you need me, call me
No matter where you are
No matter how far

I guess I'll fall in line with the crowd of users coming around to show face here. It's been at least half a year since I logged on, but the time I spent with everyone here was an absolute blast.

I don't really have much else to say except the obvious: maybe some forlorn hope that all this can be brushed under the rug. I've seen some copyright notices take things down, but later communications between parties allow it to return. That being said, if this is truly a goodbye to our piece of the WoW pie, I'll end by saying that it was a fantastic ride and I'm glad to have been a part of it. I hope this community DOES branch out to encompass different areas.

Of course, if I notice this in another half a year, I might break my monitor in half. Truly this place is immortal.
I survived the flu and now I have to deal with this? Bull. BULL. MOO.

...We're on stage two for anger now, right?
Oh hey, what's going on here?

[Image: mog1.gif]

MOTHER OF GAWD! We're doomed! Doomed I tells ya!

Okay, okay. No panic. Yet. Though this does not look good. We're still fighting, right? We're good, we're still good.
Khadgar will save us.

Well maybe we won't be forgiven
For all the things we've said and done.
But don't you ever give up or give in,
'cause you know, the show must go on.

And don't believe them if they tell you
Where you're from's where you belong.
Just get up off your knees and say,
"F*ck you, I'm on my way."
The show must go on.

The show.

Must go.

Uhh... where do I begin?

Oh! Right, so I come around yesterday late evening and spot this little DMCA post. At first I was confused, but after a little read it struck me hard, but I just couldn't accept that this is reality. No matter how obvious it was that this would've eventually happened and those few times it was mentioned as a possible outcome after some other server in a galaxy far far away got the hammer, but I just couldn't... Not CotH! So I go to work the morning after, turn my cellphone wi-fi on and I went through every single post. It was a trip on the feelz train. As I sit at work reading this it all finally dawns on me and I realize that I might be going through the five stages of grief mentioned earlier.

These posts filled with sorrow, anger and people already lowering their weapons and saying goodbye... In all honesty I feel a lot more depressed now, but not because of that. Sad as giving up so soon without Kretmeister actually sounding the horn of retreat it's not what hit me most. It's people having the same regrets as me. You never really understand what you have till you lose it.

Well, shit. This is making me want to cry even more as I type this and try to turn the giant mess in my head into a coherent post. Ah! But this is NOT a goodbye, oh NO! Not me!
[Image: tumblr_me29v2JZmZ1qfsdgh.gif]
That aside the actual reason I am going into what looks to be a chaotic salad of emotions is because I agree with @"Krent" that now is as good a time as any to open up a bit and be honest.

Six years has been a wild ride. Yeah... First of all I am sorry. I haven't spent all the time I could and wanted. I am also sorry I shielded myself from all of you for quite a long time. I had my reasons, silly as they might've been. It was mostly my paranoia about certain people finding me on the internet and real life frustrations that drove me into the dark cave I still tend to reside in to this day. Often times I'd find myself hesitating to speak, perhaps still too afraid due to bad past experience with online communities (RP ones included). This place has proven time and time again that it is nothing like those communities. CotH has always been immensely accepting, friendly and considerate of everyone's opinion and right to speak their mind, but those rare cases when someone would lash out still kept me going deeper into the cave even if they got hammered at Warp Speed 10. Like I said: paranoia. You are awesome, don't mind my crazies here!

That off my chest. Thank you everyone past and present. I've never said it properly before and to everyone, even though I appreciate everyone and every moment. From the very first baby steps I made in actually decent WoW RP here to the epic story arcs to the endless laughs brought by all of your combined work. This place is truly magical. A pillar of light in the dark world we live in. Uh, sounding poetic there, but how else to express these emotions about a place where such diverse people come together without boundaries to create together rather than destroy and divide which seems to be the trend of the past what now, 2-3 decades? We deny reality and substitute it with our own! Ohh, how many times has CotH been that hand that pulled me up as I dangled off the cliff edge of depression. And it wasn't the game itself, but the efforts of everyone, the team spirit, all of us coming together and those few, but special friends I made here. I just really wanted everyone to finally know how much I actually love it here.

Am I even being coherent now? I just feel like I'm spilling all the emotions out like a giant salad, rather than a three course meal. Damn it... now I'm HUNGRY!

Right right right. So please, lets not panic, lets not say goodbye, but lets stick together. We can make it through anything if we stay together. I've been here for six years and it's definitely not the game that's been keeping me here, but the extraordinary community no matter how much people come and go. And EVEN when there's almost nobody left from the good old days that I know and EVEN when people don't really know who I am. But damn it... my eyes are full of tears gawd damn it I can't write straight like this. Am I even still making sense here? But just if there is that chance this falls apart and to those who see this as a moment to take their leave I wish you the best of luck wherever you may go.


THANK YOU! All of you! Each and every one of you. You are amazing and part of this extraordinary bag of misfits that we've come to love.

So... please...
[Image: 3302487420.gif]
Lok'tar ogar! VICTORY OR DEATH! I WILL go down with this ship any day if it comes down to that!
This website was a big part of my life for numerous years. I might as well post about my experience with CotH, seeing as this is basically a goodbye. I've not enough close relationships for anyone to really bug me once I depart, and I'm not a particularly warm or sociable person anyway.

I was a migrant from City of Heroes/Villains. At the time I was just searching for something different. Over the top superhero roleplay gets grating after you've dealt with the upteenth invulnerable jackoff who backflips away and quips a witty one liner. I wanted something realistic. CotH seemed like that. Eventually I came on City of Heroes less and less, until eventually I was ass deep in the Bloodsworn Honorguard.

No one really introduced me to CotH. It took me about a year before I had really meaningful relationships. And then I spent the next year making myself a suitable candidate for GMship. I ran mini-events. And I got a taste of what I would love doing as a GM -- roleplaying as NPCs anonymously. Granted since no one else did it as oft as me, the act wasn't really that anonymous, but still. I could take comfort in invisibly invading your roleplay and trying to spice things up.

I made far too many characters with far too few that truly mattered. A few will rest deep in my thoughts, but unfortunately the many will fade rather quickly.

I liked your characters, @CotH. I liked messing with them. I liked seeing what made them tick. Why else would I just play NPCs? Sure, sometimes I bumped into the occasional... well. Reminder of what City of Heroes roleplay was like. But other than the odd hiccup, things were fun. Eventually things simply became too heroic and high-scale for my taste, with the community wanting their characters to be more important and more powerful. Thus my interest waned.

I've had my friends. But my friendships have a tendency of fading. Either I or they move on. At this point I'm just a bloated name that everyone can say 'oh hey that's Xigo' without really knowing who Xigo is or desiring him. This post is goodbye for me, but really, was I even here for the past few years? Even if I was present in body, there were few sparks of spirit.

Still. Thank you. If you want to keep in touch, I'll post my usernames here and see how things turn out. I will accept friend requests from pretty much anyone I knew, and I am sorry for my past stupidity (and general bi-polar tendencies) and am more than happy to reforge relationships. I was childish and dedicated to winning.

Steam Account: Shotcannon
Steam Username: EMPURU
Skype: xigo-xigo
Hotmail: [email protected] (connected to skype account)

I would be happy to participate in NWN roleplay, @"c0rzilla" (I'd actually like to try helping if that's possible), and I would like GW2 roleplay. Though I can't really be active these days. Things are good on my end.

Goodbye. I wish those of you who don't want to commune the best of fortune.
(01-25-2015, 04:52 PM)Xigo Wrote: [ -> ]I would be happy to participate in NWN roleplay, @"c0rzilla" (I'd actually like to try helping if that's possible), and I would like GW2 roleplay. Though I can't really be active these days. Things are good on my end.

Far as this goes, a lot of people are going to GW2 (I am as well, though I'll still be around here). You'd be better off asking Dae about NWN2 stuff, as I'm clueless about development.
I gotta figure out some actual stuff for the GW2 RP, but I'm open to people throwin' events and the like too.

I might toss up a post about the Grey Militia so we all have something to go on. Heh.
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