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In addition to our request for feedback as the 'Gruntship Questionnaire' when we changed the Grunt procedures, I'm also looking for other feedback about other things. Occasionally, I hear that Soandso doesn't want to bother talking to a GM about something or taking the time to express concerns because they feel their voice will be ignored, or are worried that they'll actually be criticized, etc. for speaking up about something. Well, this is a request to feel a bit more comfortable in sending in a PM!

This feedback request can be for anything server-related. Whether it's about something you feel could be handled better, a rule that could use refinement, a policy that could be expanded, or even a GM that you believe could have done something differently, I do want to hear it. Just feel free to either click the Private Message icon at the bottom of this post, or click this link.

Bear in mind that you can request the feedback to remain private. If so, I will likely only share it with Grakor, as he is my co-admin and should know about it! If it's concerning a GM, I'll likely share the feedback itself, but keep your identity private. Otherwise, I'll likely make a feedback subforum in the GM area and post what feedback I receive there. (Again, you can request your identity to remain private, and I will not disclose it).

Please also keep in mind that I very likely will not respond to all feedback received. I can assure you, however, that everything I get is read.

Finally! Please keep your feedback constructive. Something like "People should get everything for free!" will probably not get paid much heed, but something like "I believe folks should have easier access to gear, and this is my idea how: *idea goes here*" will undoubtedly be shared and pored over.

Thanks, folks!

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