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So I was going to make an event for my gnome's birthday, but I then thought " Do they even have birthdays in Azeroth?" I doubt the races that live a really long time would have them, like draenei and night elves, but do humans have birthdays? What about orcs and trolls who also live about as long as a human?
Birthdays are celebrated on Azeroth. For example, the Wildhammer clan celebrates all the births of the year on a single day. That's the first example that came to mind.
Oh, thanks. While I'm on this subject, do Forsaken celebrate birthdays, or is that a slap to the face, or do they have rebirth days?
I'd imagine Forsaken don't celebrate birthdays/rebirth days. I know they probably do celebrate holidays, but I'd imagine it's rare. Their reasoning would probably be that they have other important things to do.
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I think that it would depend on the individual. Most thoroughly dislike the living; they're somewhat envious of them. Some might, but it would be pretty uncommon.

I was considering maybe celebrating "deathdays" instead, partially for the irony and partially to see if I could justify it.
Hm, I wonder if Orcs would celebrate their birthday, naming day, or both?
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