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TRP2 Manners
Hello folks.

With the re-introduction of the TRP2 addon on the server (that most of us are very excited about), I'll have to prod the community about certain functions in this addon that are easy to abuse. Emotes and NPC interactions, mainly.

The TRP2 addon lets you make emotes similar to NPC emotes with the use of |, meaning it cuts out your name in the beginning unlike emotes made using the /e command. An emote typed as "/e | The rock rolls down the hill." will appear to everyone with TRP2 as "The rock rolls down the hill.", but for everyone without it will appear as "Loxmardin | The rock rolls down the hill.". This is very effective for DMing and general flavour in RP, but can be abused to direct emotes at other people and cause confusion.

An example... "/e | Krilari farts.", which shows as "Krilari farts." to everyone with TRP2, making it look like he made the emote. Fun, maybe, but it might not be appreciated in the long run or by everyone. Most people don't like to be spoken for by someone else, joke or no, and the potential for abuse using this is pretty great. Therefore, I ask everyone with TRP2 to be courteous when you use it and avoid making emotes like these at other players' expense. It might be fine if you're joking with a friend, but it'll still be confusing for everyone else and even unpleasant for others. It's disrespectful and inconsiderate.

Granted, all of these emotes can be seen through using the Elephant AddOn. (Never doubt my love for this addon!) In the logs, the emotes (and all NPC says) will appear in the manner they would've if you didn't have TRP2 enabled. So, when in doubt, just pop open the Elephant logs to find the culprit quickly.

That's all for now!

/em |Kretol farts.
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An alternative method is to shift + left click the emote. This will correctly identify who typed it out, with some exceptions. GMs will be shown as 0 players total. GM created emotes will not show any source information.
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You can also disable the functionality of it in the TRP2 settings as well if desired.

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