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Barrens Chat IRC
Good news, everyone!

Barrens chat is now connected to IRC! It can be accessed via the link in the Menu to the left!

When opening up the web IRC page, you'll want to type in your nickname (hopefully your account or character name) and then click on Connect. It will then go through the connection process and open up the #CotH channel window.
Initially, you will not be able to chat in the channel because it is moderated. To fix this, you can click on the Kretol-Server user in the list to the right and then click Query (this essentially equates to a whisper/tell). In the new window, you can type in .help to see available commands. You'll want to login, so you use .login accountname password. Once logged in successfully, the bot will automatically +v you so you can chat in the channel.
At the top, you'll click on #CotH so you can switch your view to the chat channel itself and start chattin'! Note that you will have to login to Kretol-Server every time you join the channel in order to chat.
It should go without saying, but encourage folks to join Barrens in-game (or join IRC)!

For folks that may wish to use a normal IRC client to connect, the details are as follows:
Port(s): 6660-6669,7000
Channel: #CotH
Hurray! But I ran into some problems while trying to connect. :/ I type in my forumname and when the page loads I get this message:
"Disconnected from server: Connection to IRC server failed."

When I try to type anything, I get this: "Can't use this command in this window"
What do?
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

[Image: a7KvoWr_460sa_v1.gif]
I am unsure what the connection problem is, though I had it happen once when I was doing stuff in other windows.

To note, I also changed the associated channel in-game from Barrens to Chat! I figured it'd be of greater use, and had originally done Barrens because of the potential for spam. Now that folks have to log in before they can chat, that greatly reduces potential spam issues. We shall give it a try this way!

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