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Profile Forum Revisions
Hello everyone.

I'm not done with posting just yet, apparently. In response to the discussions in the "Commenting on Profiles" thread, the staff has come together to discuss the suggested changes and the criticism against the decision to restrict player posting, and we've decided to go through with the following changes:
  • Thread Tags: Introducing the [Staff] and [Peer] thread tags in the Character Profiles forum. Peon profiles default to [Staff], meaning players aren't allowed to post in them at all. All Grunt+ profiles default to [Peer], meaning they are open for feedback from players as well. Putting the [Peer] tag visibly in your thread title is an invitation, though not required for Grunt+. Grunts+ can also utilize the [Staff] tag when they do not desire player feedback on their profile by putting it in the thread title. See this thread.
  • Workshop Moved: The Workshop subforum has been moved to stand on its own as a parent forum beneath Character Profiles, and it has received subforums of its own. Roleplay Ideas was moved into the Workshop, and Character Ideas and Guild Ideas are two new subforums created underneath the Workshop. Feel free to start using those for your brainstorming!
  • Player Feedback Guidelines: See this thread for notes and rules for player posting in other players' profiles.

And that's about it!

The Staff
I see what you're doing. And I'm loving it. I'm loving you.


"Good roleplaying is not equivalent to saying that your character is not interested or molded for a certain situation.
Quite the contrary - good roleplaying is making up a reason for your character to do that thing, no matter the obstacles!"

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