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Immy attempts to set up a CotH MUD.
I've spent the past several hours just finding a MUD making software that can install, let alone one that works. Unfortunately, I think I jumped too quickly into trying to set up a MUD in that I don't know anything about C++.

Nevertheless, I got something down. Now I just need the resources and a guide of sorts in how to actually get it running.

I'm mostly just testing things out. I'm not sure if I need a 24/7 computer running to keep a server going. This is honestly my first time doing something of this sort. But I hope to have something for CotH in lieu of a server (barring what Sachi's got for us).
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Oh, that's nifty! Just be sure to get the latest source from and don't just download it from that Codeplex site. I think I'll have to fiddle with it as well.
My bandwidth is dwindling as I offer to help more and more people, but let me know if you need another set of eyes at any point. I hosted a MOO many, many years ago and generally have some tech skills that may be helpful.

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