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Squirrel's very hastily tossed together profile guide!
Hi! I just thought I'd go through and add all of our basic GW2 information that is vital to profiles into one thread. This is very hastily done and only by me, so if anyone has corroborating opinions or their own ideas for what should be added, go ahead. I also wanted to make a slightly edited profile, but I only changed scale/height to height only. Enjoy!

Age (We are in year 1328 AE now).

Asura -- 5-10% longer than a Human. The eldest Humans have been 115 years old, so about 125.
Charr -- No clue.
Human -- Up to 115 years old.
Norn -- Up to 120 (but rarely)
Sylvari -- Look below*

*What a gap. Anyways, the Sylvari, at max, are only 24 years old, and are Firstborn. The Firstborn are all accounted for, and un-playable. The Secondborn popped up 2 years later, and after that they began coming more and more frequently. So, your Sylvari will be 22 max.


Asura -- Around 4 feet.
Charr -- Around 8-9 feet (taller than a Human's height by half of an average Human's height)*.
Human -- Around 6 feet.
Norn -- Around 9 feet.
Sylvari -- Around 5'6 (A head smaller than the average Human).

*It's important to note that Charr are usually hunched over, so they'd probably be closer to 7 or 7 1/2 feet than 8 or 9.


Asura -- Likely below 50 lb.
Charr -- They are described as as tall as a Norn, but without the bulk. So, I'd say middle-ground between Norn & Humans.
Human -- However much you want it to be.
Norn -- They're explicitly big and bulky. I'd say that 300 is a good average for females, with 350 for the guys.
Sylvari -- They're slender and made of plant-stuff, so I'd say that few of their warriors would pass 150 lbs.


Character Full Name:

Character In-Game Name:





Skills and Abilities: (Optional.)





Height: (Optional)

Weight: (Optional)

Usual Garments/Armor:


Alignment: (Optional)



Miscellaneous notes that are still important!
- There are no half-breeds. ArenaNet has explicitly stated the races cannot cross-fertilize.
- The Sylvari are all born of the Pale Tree.
Related aside: once our overlord and staff determine how to handle all of the different clients/shards/whatnot to the wiki, the agreed upon profile template and additional information about the universe should be added there as well, much like what we have for World of Warcraft. The folks overseeing the GW2 activities should come up with categories for those so that we can be consistent in article management.

References that may be helpful:
Additionally, the wiki's Lore nav template is a treasure trove of helpful information!

Note: it looks like the official site standardizes a lack of capitalization when using race names in its own articles. This is something that we should replicate on our site, particularly on the wiki.
I'd rather we weren't too strict about it though. I think that'd chase people off of making non-mandatory profiles at all.
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