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Loving this server so far! Tell me how you do too!
Just wanted to say how much I adore this server so far, it's certainly RP heaven for me. So I figured I'd list some of the things I love about CoTH so far, and why I intend to make it my RP home.

This is a happy thread, to cheer people up!

- Friendly community! Everyone's so welcoming, and accepts me for my RP style.

- Tolerance! I'm a little feisty (aspergers), and that come across as disrespectful or rude. While I have no excuse for it and don't expect special treatment, you guys manage to put up with it and remind me when I'm crossing the line, which I often am not able to see. Grin2

- Characters are so open, you're allowed to have anything as long as it's lore friendly and reasonable (no deathwing chars Tongue ) I can find a house in the forest and say it's my character's house, then when someone comes along and makes it their house we just politely take turns RPing our storylines and respecting each other~! Beer

- I saved the best for last! I have so many more to write, but I wanna hear you guys's favorites first. My favorite thing is the quality of the RP. Everyone has to make an introduction, show an example story, and most importantly, make a profile! That means you won't find a single person in the server that's going "hi im sam fisher" and trolling. I can go around knowing everyone I come across is a good RP with a good backstory. And that is why this is like RP heaven for me.

Share your points! It can be anything, like a certain person you love RPing with or like in general. If this is the wrong section, GMs, feel free to move it. :)
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Glad you are enjoying yourself and our community. Personally my favorite thing is seeing a handful of new members becoming active in the forums and improving their writing and role play skills. It's nice to see a bunch of blue in the Online Users panel lately. Keep having fun!
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But I'm Sam Fisher D:

My favorite part is being able to learn more about the lore than you previously did every time you write a new profile.

Ohhh I also love greeting newbies. I enjoy RPing with new members just like I needed some acceptance when I first started. (Thanks for that Niko and Co.)
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[Image: 123198.gif]

I had to. I apologize.
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That is nice, it's good to see more people active, especially newer people. :)

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Have you hugged a dwarf today?
Ah, Conquest of the Horde.
I remember finding this server, having to fill in a questionnaire in order to join a server.
At first a little pessimistic about this but soon seeing the many good sides of it.
Got a reply soon enough and was accepted, started RPing, meeting people and join in on events.
Got gruntship, and participated in even more stuff. I remember that at the time I felt like I wasn't doing much or barely had any impact, but looking back and hearing from others now this was quite the opposite.

It's been more than a year since I've actually been here so, a big return for me too. Still glad to know people, and hopefully even more new ones.
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It's everything I wanted in an RP community. The friendliness, the tolerance, the love. I feel I am accepted. I get to know all these people and their wonderful characters. I feel at home in this community. In my opinion I will stay for a long time to come. This community is absolutely glorious and I will surely CONSCRIPT more roleplayers I know.

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