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Portal to Neutral Tuskarr
I just wanted to add in the possible suggestion of adding a porter to the neutral Tuskarr camp, Moa'ki Harbor which is their main camp in Dragonflight that has boats to their other two camps which are. Kamagua, Howling Fjord. Unu'pe, Borean Tundra.

Roleplaying with Tuskarr are fun and I don't know, I guess some people who like Northrend roleplay can start using their camps to get around. Particularly low level roleplayers who don't have a flying mount. :)

This would just be Tuskar Law, as stated in WoWWiki.
If you were to roleplay there I was thinking it'd be fun to contribute fish or go fishing with them to try and help raise your social respect among them.

Tuskarr laws are simple. No tuskarr may avoid helping tend to the needs of the settlement — gathering food, making clothing and housing, patrolling in defense, etc. The sea is communal property for fishing and whaling. Catches are divided among the community as much as is feasible, with those who miss out on one catch getting first choice the next time. Tuskarr individuals have personal property, but possession is conditioned by actual use.MoM 104-105
Tuskarr laws are not meant to punish criminals as much as they are meant to maintain community peace and prosperity. Punishment is mild, usually aimed at injuring one's social position (through gossip, ridicule, or ostracism). Still, some matters are taken seriously. Blood vengeance is always required in return for the taking of a life, which may result in an ongoing feud
Throwing in my support for this idea. I roleplayed a shaman on retail that had befriended the Tuskarr tribes, and that was always great fun. Also, anything that could lead to more Northrend RP is always a good idea. :)

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