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Well gee, that sucks [RC]
When the White Sun went to battle with a group of adventuring orcs in Stranglethorn, Gazza was among the party that they were fighting. He certainly felt out of place among the blademaster, the deadshot and the far-seer, but he wanted to help out the best he could. And hey! Maybe he could get some orc booty in the process!

But no, it didn't work out quite as he hoped. In fact they all died. And he got frozen to the ground. And before he knew it, some dwarf ran up and punched in the face!

What a punch it was! It cracked his skull and practically killed him right there! And even then the dwarf wasn't done, he must have at least spent a good two minutes beating up Gazza's corpse while the White Sun went on to slaughter the orcs.

Well, that's death, I guess.

Killer: Barney

Resser: Redis

Permanent drawback: Gazza is now an undead minion. He has no free will and considerably less intelligence and very little grasp on his memories and identity.

(Raising post to be supplied by McKnighter)
Redis glances over the troll body, how disfigured it was. It was laid upon a bloodied table that Redis had normally operated on, tools and such were scattered about the surface.

"Troll, male. Killed last week. Wounds sealed by sowing. Other damages, left alone. To be created as a ghoul."

Redis finished writing in his journal, tapping it with his gnomish pen. He sets down the writing tool onto the table, along with the book. He exhales, raising an arm above the corpse. Redis' hand remained open, palm facing down onto the body.

His fist begins to clench around the air, as a faint blue mist begins to exit every opening within the troll's brutalized head. The soul collects itself in Redis' fist as he draws the arm upward.

Once the soul of the troll was gathered, Redis simply released it, flinging it back towards the corpse. The ball of blue energy entered via the opened mouth. The troll body would give a twitch after a moment, then a shudder. The eyes flicked opened, staring upward. Redis nodded firmly, waving towards his newest undead construct.

"Remain here, I shall return later to give you a full examination of your abilities."

Redis turns to leave, walking down wooden steps.

And so the troll waits.

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