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Only 4 people online..? o.O
I'm not saying that I'm just gonna remove the bookmark from my browser and never come back to this website ever again, but I'm not exactly sure what to think when I check out the Online Members, and there's only 3 players and a GM on.

Just wondering if this server's all-but dead, or what. It'd be nice if I could find a private RP server with people that actually KNOW how to RP for once, and is semi-populated.. <.< So if anybody could get back to me on like, the average number of users that log in daily, that'd be awesome :D

I'm just hoping this server has like, at least 100 people on it. XD
Sorry for the brashness, but I thought it was appropriate to ask. I'd love to give this place a chance, but I don't want to be forced to run around Kalimdor for 5 hours trying to find ONE person to RP with. LOL

Anyways, Somebody hit me up, I'm just curious is all :D
Uh... 100? Not really, but our average is 20-30, high amounts are 50. Please remember retail is what happens when you have a huge amount of players - no quality. The servers aren't bad, it's the ridiculous amount of people in them. Even other servers with only a few hundred can be terrible. This number of people is perfect in our opinion, and we have multiple characters so you can find RP anywhere.


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You're not on during the peak hours, friend.

We max out at 45+ in the "day time".

We're 'Murricans!
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Well, you're also talking about what's almost 6 AM on a Monday morning. I think a good portion of our playerbase is American, and the day is bad too as everyone is getting ready to go back to work/school.

Sometimes we have a lot of folks on, sometimes not. Depends on the time and day. Never up to a hundred at once, but I think we've had well over thirty or so at a time before.
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We have quiet moments and crowded moments. At quiet moments there are usually 1-6 people. At crowded moments there are usually 17-25 people online.

Don't worry, finding RP is easy. Just make sure you have quite social and bendable characters on all three sides. ;)
You folks haven't been paying attention to the connection peaks! Generally, peaks will be in the 30s-40s, though during the summer we even got into the 50s.
But, yeah. Early Monday mornings are not a good poll to go by.
Yea, a population of 2-3 people bothers me too but i ain't leaving the server anytime soon.By the way around what server time does it peak?
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Yeah, on low servers, the high numbers can vary a lot just based on the time. Back when I roleplayed on the City of Arabel persistent world for Neverwinter Nights, it fluctuated a lot. But they had the server capped at 55 total allowed, including GMs.

During the off hours, it could go down as low as six, but more commonly it'd be in the twenties, while during the peak hours, it would be holding at 55 and you would have to sit and wait for a spot to open up.

That little bit being over, I would come on to roleplay, but unfortunately I'm still lost in the 3.1.3-3.2.0 patch download. Hopefully I'll get it done in the next couple days, and then I can help boost things for the server.
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Yeah, I know 6 in the morning on a Monday was a bad time to gauge it, but the main reason I even posted was to figure out peak members and whatnot :P
Besides, I completely forgot that today was Monday. XD I'd stayed up since Sunday night since I have absolutely nothing to do, so.. >.> Cry god I need to get into college. lol

Anyways, I'm still debating about getting into the server, since I haven't RPed in a long time, and iono how it would apply to WoW. I'm not sure how dueling or other forms of combat would work, whereas I've RPed on games where it was entirely text-based and your fighting wasn't even possible (Furcadia, in case anybody was wondering (NO I AM NOT A FURRY! >.<) ).

I haven't found any sample sessions posted anywhere of people RPing in-game, so I guess I might as well give it a shot and see how things work out in here.

Oh yeah, and when I go to post my profile, how should I go about doing it? Just create a character within the parameters of the Warcraft universe? (no Diablo references?? Damn xD)

I read the stickies, but that didn't really give me that great of an idea, since I like to get REALLY detailed with my descriptions, and I don't want to end up spending an hour typing something extravagant, then not even have it fit into the game. lol

Also? I'm not sure if I missed a link somewhere, but what should I set the RealmList to? I figure the best way I can get a feel for the server itself is to actually sit down with a few people who wouldn't mind showing me how you guys RP on here. XD Not sure if rules (other than no-god-mode) are any different from anywhere else I've looked :P
Just RP the way you want to, and with any luck it'll coincide with the rest of us. Be sensible about it and don't get your OOC/IC interactions mixed up, keep drama separate, blah blah blah. Though for your sake, I'd recommend reading the wiki that you can find a link to on the sidebar; it has a character template as well as all the technical conduct rules. And I believe it also has a note about not wanting too many players on the server; quality over quantity, et cetera. Have fun and start RPing; you'll learn the reins as you go along and reading the wiki will help you out a lot. If you want to message me in-game with any questions that come up, I'm on Hesper at current. Toodles.
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