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Druids and Shape shifting - Small guide idea
Druids and shapeshifting .

(Someone mention a need of a guide, but this is mostly from my own beliefs and what sound most likely to me. Also since i found trouble finding actually good lore hint then this is to be taken lightly. )

How can druid shape shift?
Actually it a simple process to understand how. A druid is a servant and caretaker of nature and to this end they receive a
source of power. This power is not one that sudden appear but one the druid have to earn through training and
understanding the ways of nature. Just like a druid learn to understand the use of nature blessings, yes i do call it
blessing since it a thing that is gifted to the druid and he or she have to communicate with nature to ask for the
power/blessing to be trusted into the said druid and harness by the sheer focus and will. A Druid that sudden go against
the nature likely to find him/herself unable to 'cast'. Much like a god's gift to a priest/priestess.

Now for a druid to shape shift, he /she firstly know of the animal aspect and life and have a great deal of respect to
it.To Shape shift is a blessing like anything else for the druid. Alot of focusing has to be done, the druid is
surrendering his/her own body and will to that of a animal's. Be its the strength and rage of a bear or the a 'cat's
cautious and quietly approach.Indeed the entire process is a test for any new druid for it both painfully and difficult to
do but like most thing in life training and practice make it easier and less painful.

But Star , when you say surrendering the druid's do know there exist a prestige class called Savagekin?
I do know but there is a wide difference between a normal druid and savagekin.
Firstly a druid only attempt to become the animal for some task and much prefer to stay them self.It is a blessing to
respect and also any sane druid would dislike the idea to 'lose them self' as a animal. A Savagekin is a druid, usual a
feral directed one that let go of them self to such a extend that reason might be lost in order to 'live closer to nature'
,dancing at the very edge of their own conscience and 'humanity'. A normal druid in a shape still can control them self
rather well. Ofcourse a feral directed druid more likely to let the 'animal in them' take over but usual only when needed
. Example might be in a fight and bear form . To be truthful, any druid likely end facing a fight with them self when in a
form and getting angry since staying in the form gift a druid with the said animal's behavior and will so if it possible
for most druids to accidentally lose them self if in danger or getting angry but this is a short term thing usually.I guess we could call it a animal survival instinct to either attack or run to give a better idea.

What about my neat Feral Night Elf druid that enjoy being in form and would do it in cities ?
Let be a little realistic here hmm?. Your character is a person, not savagekin (unless you got the premision to use that
class). Your character no matter how much he/she like to use form, would not act like a savagekin and ignore civil
behavior. Actually i think i should ask you why your feral druid is smack down in the middle of Stormwind as example when
in the first place he/she likely to hate such place and rather play around in forms in the wild, A feral druid is more a
wild/impulsive type i guess we could say. With that said i like to believe even feral Night Elf druid act like it used to be around people, after all not like he/she was raised by wolves so to speak

Can my druid speak in a animal form?
Actually no, shape shifting means changing the vocal cords too and since animals cant produce sound like people ..well. However you might be able to understand speech (Since a part of you own conscience is there),also should be able to
'communicate' with other druids since they can do it to animals

Does shape shifting create a sound ?
Personal i believe so, after all your entire bone structure change but it might be so only those close by can hear it.

Does Shape Shifting happen instantaneous?
Again i have to say no,it do not.To give you a idea,ever seen a werewolf movie where the person change ?.Think like that
though i would not say it require anyone to type emotes for five to ten minutes heh .

But what about my druid's home city, would they not allow me to walk in forms freely?
While the home city likely respect druids and nature greatly it also not very good looking to let them roam about in forms. One obvious reason is it a city, a place where people live and those not druid can not talk to druids in forms. Another reason is it actually looked down on because people might get the notion you are a savagekin. while those are general respected somewhat they still unpredictable and could be a danger.Last reason for not to do it is the act of shape shifting is a gift, like any other of such gift it a poor judgment to misuse it.


I really hope it readable ,so to speak *sigh*

Also this is just a idea i tossed out after thinking about it , i am sure other people believe differently but i hope some of it might be useful and helpful .

And by all means , feel free to give ideas. Who know we might get a much better guide out of it.
I really like it, a bit hard to read due to the spacing but still well thought out. To elaborate on Savagekin a bit; they are not completely feral, infact far from it. They are in a constant battle to keep whatever sanity they have left while trying to use their powers to better nature. Savagekin will do anything it takes to protect the wild and it's many inhabitents, they go as far as to hunt down and kill any one who disturbs the peace and serenity surrounding them.
star2316 Wrote:Does shape shifting create a sound ?
Personal i believe so, after all your entire bone structure change but it might be so only those close by can hear it.

I think is sounds a bit painful for the bone structure to go through a quick change and that the druid might make a few noises; grunts, howls, moans, shouts, etc. I would also think once they shapeshift into their desired, or perhaps uncontrollable (in the savagekin's case) form, they would make the noises that animal would make, especially if new to being able to shapeshift into that form. The whole "I want to try this out" thing might cause them to make noises.
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