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Incomplete and Bad Character Profiles
I would like to make a public reminder of the purpose of the Character Profiles board, and the Workshop. We have been receiving a slew of profiles that do not meet our standards or our requirements, often showing a lack of effort on the part of the writer. To be clear:

The Character Profiles board is ONLY for character profiles that you have written, completed, spell-checked, and have confidence in, in terms of lore-friendliness. Profiles which are incomplete do not go in the Profiles board, they go in the Workshop. It is not a GM's job to write your profile for you, and putting an ill-thought out profile on the board only serves to waste a GM's time and delay the profile checking of everyone else, slowing down the process considerably.

I would also like to remind everyone, both players and GMs, that GMs are in no way obligated to provide for you anything in terms of spell checking or specifics in lore checking. We are, in fact, not obligated to tell you anything about what's wrong with the profile, but we often do in order to help get a profile fixed and moved along quickly. Point being, we are not your spell check. If there are obvious spelling and/or grammar errors, GMs are encouraged to simply say so without pointing out individual errors. It wastes time, and the profile writers should be capable of loading up an online spelling checker or a word processor in order to quickly find the errors themselves.

If a profile is posted on the character profiles board in an obviously incomplete state, GMs are not only able to move said profile to the workshop without any need for further comment, but may also provide warnings and further forum punishments if necessary.

In order to ensure that the rules for character profiles are more easy to locate, I've added to the main information sticky in the profiles board and changed the title to something more eye-catching. Hopefully things will go more smoothly in the profiles board from now on.
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I must say I agree a lot with this. The workshop is there for a reason - working on and making the profile as flawless as possible. If we were supposed to post incomplete or incorrect profiles in the main profile session, there would be little point in having the workshop in the first place.
I'd also like to point out that if you're unsure on lore or you know very little about the race you're playing...

- See if your race has a guide in the 'Articles and Guides' forums. They are very helpful, and in fact I even use them from time to time to help me memorise timelines.

- Check out an approved profile on the Wiki and get some inspiration. DON'T COPY IT. Use it as a guide for lore.

- Ask someone! Whether ingame or by forums, just ask the community some questions about the lore.
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Also, WoWwiki is an extremely helpful resource.
If your character profile is denied or moved to the workshop, or even if you need help before posting, this is not meant to discourage you from asking for help. That's what we're here for. If your efforts for aid elsewhere have proven fruitless, come to us to get a final opinion and verdict before submitting your completed profile for official review.

However, as Grakor said, we are not here to write your profiles for you.
Terant Wrote:Also, WoWwiki is an extremely helpful resource.
Isn't WoWWiki updated to all Cataclysm stuff? If so, then wouldn't WoWWiki be useless for us since we're still a few updates behind?
Not concerning lore.
:( Sorry..

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