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Changes to Special Profiles
Hello everyone!

After much discussion within the GM team, we've decided and been granted permission from Kretol to make some changes to the way that Special Profiles are handled from now on.

[Image: 2na1u0z.png]

As some may have noticed, the Special Profiles forum is gone. This is because all Special Profiles, from now on, will be discussed and approved separately inside the Private Discussion board. This has a number of perks. The profiles will be given the amount of attention they need from the entire GM team, and be on even level with the three types of profiles that were approved in Private Discussion previously; Demon Hunters, Felsworn and Dragonsworn. They will be viewed with the same scrutiny, and require three approvals, in order to apply more purpose and flesh to the previous Special Profiles who were simply posted up in the Special Profiles subforum. This will allow us to put under the looking glass profiles such as Nobles, ranking members of established organizations, characters of significant wealth, and so on. To note, all the profiles that were still in the Special Profile forum have been moved on to the Private Discussion forum.

In order for these profiles to not pass by the rest of the forums unnoticed, however, they will be kept in the To Wikify section upon approval for a week before being sent to the Wiki and, additionally, all Special Profiles from now on will be categorized as such on the Wiki. If you need a quick reference for Special Profiles then, you'll simply have to go by category. (The Wiki will be updated following this announcement as soon as we can get to it to make this easily accessible as we implement this new... "feature".)

What this will also mean is that all players with Special Profiles who are already approved need to create topics inside Private Discussion so we can apply the category to the right profiles. We can't sift through all the profiles on our own and apply it as we go, so if you have a character who had to pass through the Special Profiles board (and fulfill the requirements to be "Special" that'll follow below), please create a topic inside the PD and notify us about it. Provide a link, as well, if you're able.

Below follows a list of criteria to make the profile "Special".
  • The character is a Noble; A descendant of a Noble house which holds status and power. (This does not count if your character is from a fallen house, as that house is technically not a Noble house anymore.)
  • The character has accumulated wealth of some significance, or a significant amount of land/property under their name.
  • The character holds a position of power within a government or established organization by lore (Argent Crusade, Blood Knights, The Scryers, Kirin Tor...). (We know that Shamans are generally revered in Orcish society. Unless you've got any special kind of authority or power, however, you're not qualified for a Special Profile.)
  • The character counts as a Guard of a city or settlement with legal "authority" and obligation. (This includes Wardens, for instance.)
  • The character is supposed to have a force of NPCs to their name and under their command, that is significant and past the "for storyline purposes" single NPC that shows up once in a while.
  • The character is either a Demon Hunter (because of the very special skillset and training, and their rarity), Felsworn (because of their ties to the Legion) or Dragonsworn (because dragons).
  • The character is a bound servant of another character, such as a non-CMC ghoul.

With this new change, feel free to come forth with questions and suggestions to help us better define the guidelines set down above. And, all players with profiles posted in the Private Discussion forum, please bump them up for us at your earliest convenience so you can be reviewed along with the rest, this new system in mind.
If we have more than one character that got passed as Special Profile, can we just put both of them under the same thread in PD?
[Image: 2wd92y0.gif]

Yep! Less clutter that way, so please do put them in the same topic.
Yay! A reason to rewrite Aryeon's profile, which I've been meaning to do.
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
Yay! A much better system in my mind :P I honestly thought we where supposed to do that anyway >.>
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Is the one-profile-at-a-time rule still in effect with this new system, or may special profiles be handled separately with a normal profile up for approval/whatever consecutively?
Time to roll Scoorge McOrc.
A bold move, but smart nonetheless. Good job guys. You really never cease to amaze me. /nuclear hug
(10-24-2012, 09:54 PM)zenethen Wrote: Is the one-profile-at-a-time rule still in effect with this new system, or may special profiles be handled separately with a normal profile up for approval/whatever consecutively?

One special profile and one normal profile may be up at the same time.
Seems like this may slow the process way down. Italready takes months to get dragonsworn and demon hunters
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It's a risk, yes. Hopefully it'll have a contrary effect since we'll be trying to even out the level between the three previous PD cases and blur out the line between them, status wise. Meaning we'll probably have an easier time taking care of them, along with the rest of the Special Profiles. Plus, we can discuss the profiles immediately instead of simply passing on the concepts and having people post them up in the Special Profiles forum to sit there and gather dust for a while until we approve it (since only GMs could approve Special Profiles in the first place, anyway). It was a bit of a redundant step, and many of us weren't sure how to approach Dragonsworn, Demun Hunters and Felsworn at the time either.

So, the difference now is that the profiles themselves are approved directly in the PD, and all the Special Profiles are treated this way. Not just a select few.
Will custom model requests be included in this? (For example if I wanted a Death Knight's ghoul to use a non-human undead model?)
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No, CMCs remain in the domain of Kretol.
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My concern is the lack of potential playerbase feedback on special profiles, with them being tucked away from non-GM's eyes now.
Frequently, people didn't post on Special Profiles (and the players who submitted them would request for only GM feedback). So, though they're now to be smoothed out with GMs-only, they'll be up for viewing in the profiles to wikify so people can get a sense of what's going down :)
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]

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