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Real life and spotty attendance.
*Sigh* Junior year and we begin again. School is starting up and quite frankly, with an AP course and generally just regular work I'll be on less and less until the summer comes again. To be sure I'll try my damndest to roleplay when I can (like I usually do) but my hours on weekdays will be spotty at best.

Expect me to be on:

If possible, 4:00-8:00 Hawaii/Aleutian time.

Generally any time of day except late-night Sundays (when I actually do my work).

For anyone with any current storylines with Lukyan, Arazol, Kaghuros, or Lyrion expect less time with them around. Forum RP would help out a lot if a character needs to be there for something. PM me if you want about major developments so I don't get left out.

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