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Where can I find RP for my character? RP activity based on Race/Class
Sometimes, it can be difficult to find RP for certain characters. While it's on the player's part (if he wants to find RP relevant to his character) to create characters that can fit into the RP of the server, sometimes it can be difficult due to the low population of players. And thus, guilds, events, and circles (on an unconscious level) have become ways to organize RP for the server's low population. I believe that one of the reasons new players don't stick around for long is because they come into the server with only one or two characters and they can't find much RP with him/her because of his/her race or race and class combination.

While I realize that the server can't cater to everyone's tastes, I want to compile a list, especially for new players, of places and guilds where one can find RP for their character, which can be updated every once in a while for relevancy. I can't do this by myself, so I hope I can discuss some points here that can build the list.

Parts/points in the list:

1) What are some of the places that are or can be used for RP that's specific for a certain race or class?

2) What about guilds?

3) What about events?

While not meant for the list (because it could give somebody the wrong idea), I want to also discuss what races and class combinations don't get the opportunity to see much RP.

Point 1: RP Hubs

Here is a list of places/cities, and the races that would usually RP there:
  • Stormwind: Humans.
  • Silvermoon: Blood Elves.
  • Shattrath: Draenei/Blood Elves/Orcs.
  • Ashenvale (Darnassus): Night Elves.
  • Orgrimmar: Orcs, and to some extent, Troll and Tauren.
  • Thunder Bluff: Tauren.
  • Ironforge: Dwarves and Gnomes.
  • The Exodar: Draenei.
  • Undercity: Forsaken.
  • Darnassus: Night Elves.
  • Moonglade: Night Elves and some Tauren.
  • Ratchet: Neutral hub. Characters who would leave their homeland and travel RP here.
  • Booty Bay: Neutral hub. Characters who would leave their homeland and travel RP here.
  • Dalaran: Neutral hub. Characters who would leave their homeland and travel RP here.

To discuss: which locations would you categorize as frequently used, and which locations would you categorize as infrequently/rarely used?

Tell me if I'm missing a place.

Point 2: Guilds

There are four types of guilds:

1) Guilds that revolve around a specific race.
2) Guilds that welcome any race as long as they belong to the Alliance or belong to the Horde.
3) Guilds that revolve around a certain class/interest.
4) Neutral guilds that welcome any race/class/interest.

I'm not involved in every guild on the server, so I don't have the authority to declare a guild active or not, or categorize the guild as one of the four types I've listed.

In respect of the guilds that may or may not be listed, I'd like to ask those who run or help have active RP within a guild to list said guild here and categorize it as one of the four types. Looking to list active guilds.

Point 3: Events

I want to tackle discussing this point, though I don't know how I can fit it into a list because many events only happen once. What I might do is point the player to the event planning forum.

Not sure if I want this to be a point/part of the list, but perhaps it can be an aside for the player.

Additional Discussion: Races and Class combinations that don't see much RP

This is up for debate/discussion. Give a race, class, or class combination (meaning race and class) and state why you think that it doesn't get much RP.

I'll start it off by arguing that Dwarves don't get much RP, because there aren't many players that play Dwarves, there aren't any active guilds dedicated to Dwarf-friendly RP, and Ironforge isn't used as much as it could be.

Whether or not I see this guide/list as complete and updatable in the future, or whether or not anyone else thinks it should purposefully exist, I still hope that the concepts of it can be discussed in this thread, because it's facing one of the problems of the server.

Or you could just tell me that it's another one of my rambles.
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You may also want to consider discussing how the Personals section is a good place to start (or advertise), too. It really helped me when I was new to the server (and when my previous WoW RP experience had been the sheer mass of players that is Retail) and not really knowing how to "break in." Joining, say, a family is a good way to get some racial RP as well as to meet a new circle of players. :)
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