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Back! Somewhat.
Well, given the fact that I've been craving some WoW RP lately. And, now that I have somewhat stable internet at my barracks, I suppose I'll be around just a bit more. On another note, my company's stated that we're pretty much only a reserve for Afgha in 2014. So, might not even fly there. All depends on various factors, I suppose.

...But for now, I shall be around some. Lo, behold.
Sanity? Of course!
Don't think we ever met, but heya. c:

(What's your characters?)

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
We did meet, actually! I merely... had a change of colours. Hence why I seem to be rather alien. /snicker

Although, I'll post a profile very soon. In the process of being accepted / denied right now. And given the fact that my writing / passion for races was rather distinctive, it should be a give-away.
Sanity? Of course!

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