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The Nub is back! :)
Greeetings, all!!

After last nights RP, I believe I am officially back on Coth!

Now some may think; And who are you to just post a re-introduction of yourself, while we in reality don't care?!

Well honestly; I don't know. Perhaps I'm the little desperate boy in that little corne who just needs some attention. Or it is because I want to show the people who I used to RP with, and had a lot of fun with that I am back! Either way make of it what you will. ^^.

Well then here it goes;

I am known by a few names on these forums; Ruwendje, Mistal or... lol... Misty boy.
Back in the day I used to roleplay my favorite race (Blood Elves). The caster types mostly; Mage, Warlock or Druid.

I joined Coth in 2009
My main characters were Misjana Minaar (Who is the first I re-created to get back into the Wow RP); A woman of low status, yet she seems to think differently about that. And then we have Mistal; The Fel junky who did everything to eventually become a Fel-sworn. I did not contribute to the community with a lot of Events, no. Reason why? Too insecure for that shizzle! Lol. I am a perfectionist once it goes wrong... no no...

Furthermore; The reason I returned is mainly because I missed a lot of the people on this server. The quality RP I don't seem to find anywhere else, and the warm conversations you can have on GM Island. But of course the main reason is the RP!

I have been Role-playing on Guildwars 2. Had a blast, but it is just not as good or even comes close to the RP sessions I had here on CotH. And that is why I am back.

I hope by now you have enough info about who this little Ruwendje guy is! If not, always feel free to send a PM over the forums or ingame! :D

I am glad to be back and hopefully get my quality RP fix I am so desperately looking for!


Mistal'aerix <-- In the making
Misjana Minaar <-- Brewing some plots...
Welcome back!
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

[Image: a7KvoWr_460sa_v1.gif]
Uncle Mistal! <3
I actually remember you! Welcome back! :D
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Woo Misty! It's been a long time. Seeing you back brings back a lot of memories from the good old days... It's great to have you back!
You'll be hearing from me soon, Misty boy. Mark my words.

It's good to have you back! :)
Cousin Reigen! <3!!

Torches I will await your PM/mail/ erm... message..? With patience ^^

And thank you all! It is good to be back and having a blast! :D

Mistal'aerix <-- In the making
Misjana Minaar <-- Brewing some plots...

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