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Silvermoon game crashes bug?
This post isn't about any of my ideas of events and stuff regarding to roleplay. This time I would like to report something that's been getting on my nerves. Well here it is. It appears to be some sort of a bug in Silvermoon. When you first teleport to the city and you start moving/ flying around it you will get a game crash. It doesn't matter if your outside the city or inside, you get a huge crash that shows on your screen along with the crash details. When you try to log with your character it doesn't let you inside the game and apperently you have to whisper a GM to teleport you back to Gamemaster Island!

I don't know if this bug happens to just me but if it does happen to anyone of you guys it would be nice for a GM to give it a look. And from all my knowledge I know that most of the COTHers roleplay in Silvermoon because of its beauty and elvish style to act one.

Well that's all I can say I hope it gets repaired! Hug
You' seek me help?

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Never did that for me...

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Happened to me a few times. And the worst thing is that anytime I want to log on that character, I crash. I always have to use the unstucker on the forum. :(
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This would prolly get quicker attention from a GM if you posted it within the Bug Report section of the forums, instead, or asked a GM to move it there.

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